All 7 Guns in Sons of the Forest

Where to find guns in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest Guns featured

There are various Sons of the Forest guns to find around the island you’re trapped in. They’re useful for fending off the hostile cannibals and hunting game in order to survive in the harsh conditions. Once you’re ready, you can set off to find all the guns in the game so you’d have ample protection in case of any threat coming to your camp.

All Sons of the Forest Guns

Here’s every gun in Sons of the Forest:

  • Slingshot
  • Stun Gun
  • Revolver
  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Compound Bow
  • Crossbow

There aren’t that many Sons of the Forest guns that can be found on the island just yet. The game is still in early access, so we could potentially see more as new updates drop. But keep an eye out for the ones in the above so you’ll have something to protect yourself from in the mean time.

Okay, so some of these things aren’t technically guns. Crossbows aren’t technically guns, even if they’re considered firearms in various legal jurisdictions. And the compound bow certainly isn’t a gun at all. The less said about the slingshot, the better. However, for the sake of not leaving any ranged weaponry out of this list, we decided to include them.

Here is where you can find each gun in Sons of the Forest:

Where to find the Slingshot in Sons of the Forest?

The Slingshot can be found on one of the bodies frozen and impaled on the river near the middle of the island. You can find it just before entering the cave.

Due to the fact that is uses rocks as ammunition, this Slingshot is a pretty good weapon early in the game. Consider getting it at the first possible opportunity before finding the other Sons of the Forest guns.

Where to find the Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest?

The Stun Gun can be found on the northern side of the island inside the same cave where you find the Rebreather. It can be found hanging on a stalactite next to a corpse deep inside the cave.

When you’re dealing with multiple enemies, the Stun Gun is really handy. It can give you breathing room when you’re being chased.

Where to find the Revolver in Sons of the Forest?

The Revolver can be found on a golf course inside Maintenance Shaft C located northeast of the island. You’ll have to use the shovel tool to dig between some golf carts to find the hatch to enter. Once inside, you can grab the Revolver that’s right beside a dead body.

This gun is one of the more powerful firearms in the game. However ammunition for it is more limited so pick carefully when you want to use it.

Where to find the Pistol in Sons of the Forest?

The Pistol can be found on a life boat next on the northwestern edge of the island. You’ll have to swim to get to it while dodging sharks. And this is no simple feat as if you’re caught once you’re pretty much already dead.

This gun has a decent range and is pretty dependable early in the game. If you’re feeling brave, you can go ahead and get it with no prerequisites.

Where to find the Shotgun in Sons of the Forest?

There are two Shotguns in the game which can be found on the northwestern and the very eastern side of the island. One of them is easier to get than the other.

The first Shotgun can be found on a grave at the northwestern side of the island. At the location we marked above, you’ll find a gravestone marked by a cross. Use the shovel to dig under until you find a coffin that has a corpse with a shotgun buried with it.

The second Shotgun in the game is where you’ll need a VIP card for to enter the double door facility. The Shotgun itself can be found on the bar in the facility. These two shotguns have a lot of power which can decimate any enemy up close.

Where to find the Compound Bow in Sons of the Forest?

The Compound Bow can be found underneath a maintenance shaft at the southwestern part of the island. You’ll have to use the shove to dig in a camp where you can find a golf cart and some tents. The weapon will be on the first room to the right of the underground facility.

This weapon has great reusability as you can pick up the arrows again after a fight. However it’s a bit difficult to aim with it so you’re going to need some practice.

Where to find the Crossbow in Sons of the Forest?

The Crossbow can be found inside a facility hidden in a cave on the northwestern side of the island. You’ll need the maintenance key to be able to enter this location and grab the weapon.

What is probably the best ranged weapon of the game, the Crossbow isn’t just for those who want to be like Daryl Dixon. It’s quiet, deadly, and accurate which makes it great for hunting and when fighting the cannibals. Like the Compound Bow, you can retrieve your spent bolts to save up resources.

That’s all the Sons of the Forest guns. We hope you found this article to be informative.

Check out this Youtube video from Rifle Gaming showing you where to find all 7 guns we listed above.

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