All Dead Island 2 Curveball Locations & Uses

Let's shine the spotlight on some key supporting items

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Curveballs are time-based abilities that provide a unique advantage depending on your situation. They are really handy in the moment-to-moment fights in Dead Island 2, as long as you know when and where to use them.

This guide will tell you about all 13 curveballs in Dead Island 2 including what they provide to the battlefield and where you can get them.

List of Curveballs in Dead Island 2

  • Meat Bait
  • Shuriken
  • Chem Bomb
  • Electric Star
  • Caustic-X Bomb
  • Pipe Bomb
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Electric Bomb
  • Sticky Bomb
  • Military Grenade
  • Nail Bomb
  • Bait Bomb
  • Flashbang
Meat Bait - Dead Island 2 Curveball

Meat Bait

“Rotten, stinking flesh that is catnip to zombies. Use it to lure them over, or distract them while you escape!”

  • Location: Bought from Carlos after meeting Sam B for the first time.
  • Note: Very good at distracting zombies… and setting up for some explosive situations.
Shuriken - Dead Island 2 Curveball


“Three throwing stars that can be hurled at zombies, dealing PHYSICAL damage”.

  • Location: Acquired upon entering the Halperin Hotel map.
  • Note: Deals a tremendous amount of damage. Especially in close range where all three shurikens have the highest chance of sticking to a target.
Chem Bomb - Dead Island 2 Curveball

Chem Bomb

“A fire suppression device that extinguishes flames, and makes all zombies around it TRAUMATIZED and SOGGY”.

  • Location: Found on the ground on the second floor of the Halperin Hotel. Used to put out a nearby fire.
  • Note: The most versatile curveball you’ll ever want in Dead Island 2. This little number can shut down entire groups of enemies and temporarily neutralizes fire-based enemies. Goes great with the electric bomb.
Electric Star - Dead Island 2 Curveball

Electric Star

“A juiced-up throwing star that deals SHOCK damage and ELECTRIFIES zombies”.

  • Location: Found on the notice in front of the BWRP water treatment facility.
  • Note: Not as effective in terms of damage compared to Shurikens but the star sticks longer for prolonged SHOCK damage against close-knit zombies.
Caustic-X Bomb - Dead Island 2 Curveball

Caustic-X Bomb

“An explosive device filled with Caustic-X. Shortly after being thrown, it will explode, dealing CAUSTIC damage and MELTING any zombies in the area”.

  • Location: Acquired after completing the Rav-Ages of Caustic-X side quest.
  • Note: Best defensive tool in the game. Throw this curveball on the floor of any chock point and you pretty much have a strong position to fight back from.
Pipe Bomb - Dead Island 2 Curveball

Pipe Bomb

“An improvised explosive device made from a section of pipe. It will explode soon after being thrown”.

  • Location: Found inside a munitions case in the checkpoint at the Beverly Hills exit to Monarch Studios.
  • Note: This curveball works great against enemies weak to EXPLOSIONS.
Molotov Cocktail - Dead Island 2 Curveball

Molotov Cocktail

“A glass bottle filled with fuel with a rag for a wick. When thrown, it will shatter dealing FIRE damage and inflicting IGNITED on all zombies in the area”.

  • Location: Found on top of a desk overlooking a pit crawling with Slobbers during your trip through the Brentwood Sewers.
  • Note: The curveball we would love to use more often. But it is just so hard to justify its use due to the abundant number of fire-based enemies in the game.
Electric Bomb - Dead Island 2 Curveball

Electric Bomb

“An electrical device that will overload soon after being thrown, dealing SHOCK damage and ELECTRIFYING all zombies in the area”.

Sticky Bomb - Dead Island 2 Curveball

Sticky Bomb

“An explosive device that will stick to walls or zombies. It will explode in proximity or after a long delay if nothing has gotten close enough”.

  • Location: Bought from Trader Dougie over at the Serling Hotel bar.
  • Note: Can be used like a tripmine grenade. (No scorch damage though.)
Military Grenade - Dead Island 2 Curveball

Military Grenade

“A military-issue explosive grenade. Fire in the hole!”

  • Location: Acquired after completing the “Boz Makes a Bang” Side Mission.
  • Note: A more effective version of the pipe bomb. Boils down to personal taste.
Nail Bomb - Dead Island 2 Curveball

Nail Bomb

“An improvised explosive device filled with shrapnel. Shortly after being thrown, it will explode dealing BLEED damage and inflicting BLEEDING on all zombies in the area”.

  • Location: Bought from Trader Ezekiel at the Lifeguard HQ.
  • Note: This curveball works really well with bleed weapons and status ailment boosting cards.
Bait Bomb - Dead Island 2 Curveball

Bait Bomb

“Explosives wrapped in rotting flesh that will lure in zombies before exploding”.

  • Location: Bought from Trader Dougie at the Serling Hotel bar.
  • Note: Meat bait… now with more BANG.
Flashbang - Dead Island 2 Curveball


“A standard-issue military flashbang that TRAUMATIZES all zombies in the area. Those at the center of the blast can also be COUNTERED”.

  • Location: Bought from Trader W.O. Rodriguez at the Lifeguard tower in Venice Beach.
  • Note: Limited success when used as an offensive option. Since the blast radius is quite large, it can be used an escape tool.

And that’s everything you need to know about Curveballs in Dead Island 2. We hope that this information was of use to you in some shape or form. Good luck out there, Survivors.

Dead Island 2 is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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