All DLC Characters in Guilty Gear Strive

Know all the current DLC and possible characters coming to Guilty Gear Strive

DLC Characters - Guilty Gear Strive - feature

Guilty Gear Strive has been getting DLC characters steadily over the past few months. Most of them are either brand-new to the series or are characters from previous games. Each figure comes with a unique arsenal of fighting styles and colorful gears that are worth trying. Read on, and find out more about all the DLC characters available in the game, as well as all possible characters who could make an appearance in the future.

All 7 DLC Characters in Guilty Gear Strive

DLC Characters - Guilty Gear Strive - Goldlewis

Goldlewis Dickinson (Power)

He is the only active-duty military officer to hold the position of Secretary of Defense in United States history, and his superior physical strength has made even his closest allies nervous. Moreover, Goldlewis’s strength and vitality are exceptional. Sadly, Goldlewis’s defense isn’t as good as that of other heavy fighters, and he might become predictable on passive.

DLC Characters - Guilty Gear Strive - Jack-O

Jack-O (Technical)

Jack-O, an artificial life form built by Asuka R. Kreutz to stop the resurrection of the herald of disaster, Justice, is a formidable warrior capable of engaging in combat with an entire army of subordinates. Jack-O’ has weak defenses, and her servants are much worse. It can be tough for players to take advantage of her offensive potential due to the ongoing need to manage her energy.

DLC Characters - Guilty Gear Strive - Happy Chaos

Happy Chaos (Shooting)

He considers himself the Restorer of Humanity since he is the Original, the one who found the Backyard and taught humankind about magic, and he believes that if civilization ever loses its humanity, it will be because of him. In battle, Happy Chaos relies on brutal assaults and lethal magical combos to solidify his position as the undisputed victor. The pistol itself is a finite resource, but when Happy Chaos runs out of rounds or loses his focus, he becomes far less effective.

DLC Characters - Guilty Gear Strive - Baiken

Baiken (Balance)

An amazing swordswoman of Japanese heritage, Baiken is fast to start a fight and uses her opponent’s strength to her advantage. She is fiercely loyal to her values, which state that she will never give up a fight no matter the circumstances.

DLC Characters - Guilty Gear Strive - testament

Testament (Balance)

She is recognized as a sophisticated Grim Reaper who was transformed into a Gear by surgery and now wields a blood-red scythe. After being saved by Sol and his companions, she came to her senses and vowed to utilize her abilities for good, although she is still one of the people trying to bring back the herald of disaster, Justice.

DLC Characters - Guilty Gear Strive - Bridget

Bridget (Balance)

He is one of the twin sons of a multi-billionaire couple, and despite being frequently misgendered, he grew up with nothing but the finest. The superstitious assumption that male twins brought bad luck meant that most of the lessons he learned were intended for females. He’s currently trying to figure out what his true calling is by working as a bounty hunter.

DLC Characters - Guilty Gear Strive - Sin

Sin Kiske (Rush)

The son of Ky Kiske, Allied King of Illyria, and Dizzy, a half-Gear, making him one-quarter Gear, he is a wild youngster who is pursuing his prey. He gained a sense of optimism and a sense of what it meant to be a fighter through his time with Sol. But, there are instances when he is so befuddled that he doesn’t even know where he is.

5 Possible DLC Characters To Appear in Guilty Gear Strive

Possible DLC Characters - Guilty Gear Strive


Venom is a fighter for the Assasin’s Guild and an integral part of the organization. He’s handy with a wide range of weaponry, and his magical abilities include the ability to conjure up solid billiard balls, move them around, and increase their size and potency. The billiard balls he uses as an axis allow him to teleport at light speed.


After the G4 summit incident, Raven was seen looking down towards L’oro Di Illyria from the roof. For those unfamiliar with RAven’s abilities, he is immortal, can teleport, and can attack enemies at any distance.


Many GG fans identify with Dizzy, a female warrior who is both naive and pacifistic, and she is a fan favorite. She is Sol’s daughter and a skilled long-range fighter who can apply pressure from a distance thanks to her sturdy defense.

Kum Haehyun

She is a teenager that controls a robot that looks like an old man and is known as the fifth and current head of the Kum family. She possesses an expansive understanding of kung fu moves and can use Ki to gauge the momentum of the fight.


He’s a class act who usually knows more than the rest of the ensemble put together. After establishing the Assassin’s Guild, he suddenly vanished. After returning, he stated that he had turned into a vampire, allowing him to live for thousands upon thousands of years and giving him the ability to materialize out of thin air and attack unsuspecting victims.

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