Guilty Gear Strive Achievement Guide and How to Earn Them

Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive officially has officially launched on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass, and PC. And with it comes a whole host of offline and online achievements to earn.

This achievement guide will tell you what you need to know to get the STRIVE achievement in Guilty Gear Strive. Be warned, this game’s highly skill dependent and will require fighting game knowledge and knowledge of the Guilty Gear series itself.

Guilty Gear Strive Achievement List

  • STRIVE: Obtained all other Achievements

Offline Mode Achievements

  • That’s Heavy…: [ARCADE] Defeated the Boss with 1 character
  • Armor-Clad Faith: [ARCADE] Been challenged to a battle by a rival character
  • Heart is Blazing: [ARCADE] Defeated an opponent with co-op
  • Messiah Will Not Come: [ARCADE] Defeated the powerful boss at the end
  • Play the Hero till I Die: [SURVIVAL] Win a round against the mysterious challenger
  • I’ll have a Little of Your Time: [VS CPU] Win against a CPU opponent
  • Knowledge is Power: [MISSION] Completed 5 difficulty Lv.1 missions
  • Gaze of the Strong: [MISSION] Completed 3 combo missions
  • At the End of the Struggle: [MISSION] Completed 3 character match-up missions

Online Mode Achievements

  • Begin Assessment of the Target: [REPLAY] Watched 3 replays that you have saved previously
  • Gateway to the Tower: [ONLINE MATCH] Fought a match in the Rank Tower
  • To the World Outside: [ONLINE MATCH] Fought a match in the Open Park
  • The Room where Demons Dwell: [ONLINE MATCH] Completed the Network Mode Tutorial
  • This Year’s Fashion Trend: Customize the hair, top, bottom, shoes, hat, and equipment of your avatar
  • Beautiful Catch, Ain’t It?: Fished for the first time

Miscellaneous Achievements

  • Battle Ready: [TUTORIAL] Finished the tutorial until the end
  • Extinct Species: Spent 100,000W$
  • Day 1 Bounty Hunter: Reach Lv. 30 for one character
  • Everlasting Thirst: Played 100 matches (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • Gym Regular: [TRAINING] Trained for more than 30 minutes
  • Destruction and Creation: Perform 10 Wall Breaks against an opponent while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • A Pleasant Flight: Perform 5 Homing Jumps against an opponent while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • Strike from Heaven: Knock the opponent down during a Homing Jump while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • Manipulator of Time: Perform Roman Cancel 100 times while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • In the Blink of an Eye: Cancel a Roman Cancel with a special move 5 times while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • Nothing Personal, Kid: Perform dash input Roman Cancel 10 times while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • You’ve Fallen Right into my Trap: Successfully land a blue Psych Burst 10 times while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • Ready to Meet Your Maker?: Successfully land a counter hit on an opponent with MAX R.I.S.C. Gauage while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • Extraordinary Defensive Instinct: Successfully block an attack with Faultless Defense 100 times while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • Shine When Polished: Successfully block an attack with Instant Block 100 times while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • Give It My All: Defeated the opponent with less than 30% of health left while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • I’m Your God Now: Defeated the opponent with a perfect while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • Not Missing an Opportunity: Punish the opponent’s ground throw whiff with a jumping attack 10 times while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • Around the World: Battled in 10 different stages
  • No Return, High Risk: Get into the Afro state while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • Behold the Power of My Lightning: Defeat the opponent in the Dragon Install state while in a match (Excluding Tutorial Mode)
  • Triple Cross: Play matches using 3 different characters (Excluding Tutorial Mode)

To get all the achievements in Guilty Gear STRIVE, you’ll have to be a bit strategic about knocking off achievements one at a time. Start with the offline ones first before going into the harsh realm of online play. Of course, you can splash in progress from gameplay-related ones too but don’t lose focus on the ones you’re currently aiming for.

Battle Ready should be the first achievement you want to get out of the way as soon as possible. Not only is it one of the easiest ones to unlock, but you also get to learn the ins and outs of the game.

Next, you should be aiming to complete the offline achievements. (See the list above.) Guilty Gear STRIVE doesn’t have a lot of game modes, meaning that your focus is going to be concentrated on the core game modes: Arcade and Mission. We highly advise getting through those first before tackling online achievements.

The online achievements are a lot easier in this installment of the game. The bulk of it only requires you to finish the tutorial for Online Mode, play one match in the Rank Tower, one more match in the Open Park, watch replays, customize your avatar, and fish while waiting in the lobby. That’s pretty much it.

Now you set your sights on finishing the rest of the achievements you haven’t unlocked yet. There is a high probability that you’ve already unlocked a good number of them while doing the other sets of achievements. Unlocking the rest will depend mostly on how well you can set up the conditions in a match to fulfill your specific need. There’s no need to force the issue but once you start narrowing the list, you’ll need to start messing around until the conditions are met.

The exception here is the Gym Regular achievement. To unlock this achievement, all you need to do is to enter Training Mode inside the Dojo. Unlock past entries where you need to be active the entire time, you can stay idle for 30 minutes and the achievement will pop up.

And finally, achievements such as Armor-Clad Faith, Heart is Blazing, and Messiah Will Not Come are missable and will only be active if have failed to maintain a steady route in the Extreme difficulty branch in Arcade Mode. In the case of the first two, they occur before the first with the final boss. While the third one has a special condition where it can occur if the player wins the match against Nagoriyuki after losing a round.

And that’s all we can say about the achievements in Guilty Gear Strive. Hopefully, these tips are so some use to you. And don’t worry, compared to previous entries, getting achievements aren’t as harsh as they were in getting past trophies.

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