All Hail the Cook-o-tron VR Cooking Game Now Available on Steam

Game company Slapunas and Jakayaki has recently released a brand-new VR cooking game called All Hail the Cook-o-tron.

The game is a physics-based cooking game in VR and now it is available on PC via Steam. Players will take on the role as contenders in a cooking competition. It is designed to hone their cooking and time management skills to satisfy the food critic known as the Cook-o-tron.


  • Feel like a real service industry worker as customers have very dynamic facial expressions that are designed to make you feel judged
  • Campaign spanning 30 handcrafted levels
  • Defeat 6 bosses with their own unique mechanics
  • Master 7 food prep stations and over 80 dishes
  • Physics-based cooking gameplay enabling assembly of dishes in any way you like
  • Various customer archetypes with their unique quirks
  • Each environment provides new challenges
  • Casual and heroic difficulty
  • Progressive difficulty curve designed not to overwhelm yet provide a solid challenge
  • Your play space is height adjustable in-game, play while standing or sitting down

Source: Press Release

Here’s the trailer: