List of All Preset Entrances in WWE 2K23

What Are All the Preset Entrances Found in WWE 2K23

List of All Preset Entrances in WWE 2K23

Becoming a wrestler is not easy at all. To become one, especially in WWE 2K23, players will need the perfect entrance to best to describe the type of character they are. Each entrance that a wrestler has defines who they are and what traits they inspire in fans. In this guide, players will learn what are the available WWE 2k23 preset entrances and how to use them.

What Are Preset Entrances in WWE 2k23

Preset entrances in WWE 2k23 refer to a feature called Create An Entrance Mode, where players can customize the entrances of created superstars and wrestlers available in the game. These entrances include various options for singles, tag teams, championships, and more. Players can choose from previous entrances used by past WWE Legends and Hall of Famers, Indie Wrestlers, or original entrances made by 2K Sports. However, not all entrances are available at the beginning of the game, as some can only be unlocked by unlocking secret WWE superstars through various modes, including the Showcase mode.

List of Single Preset Entrances in WWE 2K23

The list below shows single preset entrances in the game as it includes as well those who are active in the game and in the company and also those who used to be part of WWE and are part of the indie circuit:

  1. Ain’t No Make Believe by John Morrison
  2. All Hail by Chris Sabin
  3. All Red Everything by Eve Marie
  4. All Smile by Kylie Rae
  5. Alpha Omega by Kenny Omega
  6. Amazing Glow by Naomi
  7. American Dream by Dusty Rhodes
  8. Anonymo by A-Kid
  9. Aussie Aggression by Nick Miller
  10. The Axeman by Alexander Wolfe
  11. B-Teamster 1 by Curtis Axel B Team
  12. B-Teamster 2 by Bo Dallas B Team
  13. Bad Attitude by Jason Cade
  14. Baddie in Charge by Mia Yim
  15. Banker by Mr. Mackelroy
  16. Bayamon’s Finest by Jay Cruz
  17. Beast From the East by Bam Bam Bigelow
  18. Beefcake Barber by Brutus Beefcake
  19. Believer by Bo Dallas
  20. Best Kept Secret by Buddy Murphy
  21. Big Bull by Bull Dempsey
  22. Big Metal 1 by Gran Metalik
  23. Big Metal 2 by Gran Metalik
  24. Big Hoot by Luke Gallows
  25. Big Texan by Stan Hansen
  26. Black Sun by Hideo Itami
  27. Bloody Scorpion by Sting Wolfpack
  28. Bludgeon Brother 1 by Harper Bludgeon Brother
  29. Bludgeon Brother 2 by Rowan Bludgeon Brother
  30. Book Him by Flip Gordon
  31. Boxer by Generic Boxer
  32. Break The Walls 1 by Chris Jericho
  33. Break The Walls 2 by Chris Jericho
  34. Break The Walls 3 by Chris Jericho
  35. Bubbly Personality 1 by Emma
  36. Bubbly Personality 2 by Emma
  37. Bulgarian Brute by Rusev
  38. Business Suit by I.R.S
  39. Captain Charisma by Christian
  40. Caribbean Senation by Savio Vega
  41. CaveWoman by SouthPaw Carmella
  42. Cha Cha With Me 1 by Fandango
  43. Cha Cha With Me 2 by Fandango
  44. Chainsaw by Chainsaw Charlie
  45. Chair Swinging by Balls Mahoney / Axl Rotten
  46. Chairman by Shawn Spears
  47. Classic Villain by William Regal
  48. Coolest by Carlito
  49. Corey Graves by Corey Graves
  50. Corvus Iconicus by Sting ’99
  51. Crimson Rebellion by Ruby Riott
  52. Cyber Glow by Naomi
  53. Dancing Superstar by Rebel
  54. Dark One by Luke Harper / Brodie Lee
  55. Dark Ritual by Aleister Black / Malakai Black
  56. Deca Dance by Tye Dillinger / Shawn Spears
  57. Defeated by Curt Hawkins
  58. Dire Intentions by Albert
  59. The Disciple by Buddy Murphy
  60. Disco Dancer by Disco Inferno
  61. Doctor is In by Dr. Britt Baker
  62. Dragon by Ricky Steamboat
  63. Dragon 94 by Ricky Steamboat
  64. Dream Over by Velveteen Dream
  65. Dukes Up by Simon Gotch
  66. Earth’s Champion by Daniel Bryan
  67. ECW Legend by Mikey Whipwreck
  68. Eight Pack by Tony Nese
  69. English Powerhouse 1 by British Bulldog
  70. English Powerhouse 2 by British Bulldog
  71. Enigmatic 1 by Jeff Hardy
  72. Enigmatic 2 by Jeff Hardy
  73. Faceless by Sin Cara
  74. Fear Her by Jessicka Havoc
  75. Fearless by Pentagon Jr.
  76. Feast Your Eyes by Dominik Dijakovic
  77. Fiendish by Bray Wyatt
  78. Fil-Am Flash by TJP
  79. Firefly Cultist 1 by Bray Wyatt
  80. Firefly Cultist 2 by Bray Wyatt
  81. Forever by Tessa Blanchard
  82. Forgotten Son by Jaxson Ryker
  83. Foxy by Alicia Fox
  84. Freak 1 by Lars Sullivan
  85. Freak 2 by Lars Sullivan
  86. Freedom Birds 1 by Buddy Roberts
  87. Freedom Birds 2 by Jimmy Garvin
  88. Freedom Birds 3 by Michael Hayes
  89. Full Moon 1 by Ember Moon
  90. Full Moon 2 by Ember Moon
  91. Full Loaded Sheik by Ariya Daivari
  92. Funhouse Friend by Bray Wyatt
  93. Generic Superstar 1 by Generic Superstar 1
  94. Generic Superstar 2 by Generic Superstar 2
  95. Generic Superstar 3 by Generic Superstar 3
  96. Generic Superstar 4 by Generic Superstar 4
  97. Generic Superstar 5 by Generic Superstar 5
  98. Generic Superstar 6 by Generic Superstar 6
  99. Generic Superstar 7 by Generic Superstar 7
  100. Generic Superstar 8 by Generic Superstar 8
  101. The Genesis of by Curtis Axel
  102. Get Hype by Mojo Rawley
  103. Going Hard 1 by Dash Wilder – Revival
  104. Going Hard 2 by Scott Dawson – Revival
  105. Gold Medalist 1 by Kurt Angle
  106. Gold Medalist 2 by Kurt Angle
  107. Golden One 1 by Goldust
  108. Golden One 2 by Goldust
  109. Golden 1 by Mandy Rose
  110. Golden 2 by Lince Dorado
  111. Gore by Rhyno
  112. Grizzled Fishermen by Bobby Fish
  113. Guru by Sonjay Dutt
  114. Hall of Fame Inductee by Bob Backlund
  115. Happy Go Lucky by Crash Holly
  116. Hard Nox by Tegan Nox
  117. Hardcore Extreme by Bubba Ray Dudley
  118. Hardcore Icon by Sandman
  119. Hardcore Reverend by D-Von Dudley
  120. He is A Machine by Brian Cage
  121. Here She Goes Again by Maria Kanellis
  122. Hot Mess by Chelsea Green
  123. Hula Dancer by Hula Dancer
  124. Human Suplex Machine by Tazz
  125. Hype Man by Lio Rush
  126. Icon by Sting
  127. Iconic 1 by Billie Kay
  128. Iconic 2 by Peyton Royce
  129. Innovative Dragon by Tatsumi Fujinami
  130. Insanity by Eric Young
  131. International Sensation by Hiroshi Tanahashi
  132. Its All About The Mac by Willie Mac
  133. Japanese Buzzsaw by Tajiri
  134. Kaiju Killer by Kaiju Killer
  135. King of the Cruisers 1 by Neville
  136. King of the Cruisers 2 by Neville
  137. Knight Rider by Paige
  138. Knock’em Down by Low Ki
  139. Knock out Artist by Knock Out Artist
  140. Legit Boss 1 by Sasha Banks
  141. Legit Boss 2 by Sasha Banks
  142. Like A Diamond by Roderick Strong
  143. Limitless by Keith Lee
  144. Living Legend 1 by Bruno Sammartino
  145. Living Legend 2 by Larry Zbyszko
  146. Lone Star Cowboy by Wesley Blake
  147. Long Island Broski by Zack Ryder
  148. Losse Cannon by Brian Pillman
  149. Low Down by D’Lo Brown
  150. Lucha lucha 1 by Kalisto
  151. Lucha lucha 2 by Kalisto
  152. Lucha Superstar by Generic Luchador
  153. Lunatic by Dean Ambrose
  154. Machismo is Lethal by Jay Lethal
  155. Magic Monster by The Great Muta
  156. Mainframe Guardian by Sasha Banks
  157. Martial Artist by Mike Bailey
  158. Mass Destruction by Big Show
  159. Mighty Miss by Molly Holly
  160. Milan Miracle by Santino Marella
  161. Millenium Man by Sycho Sid
  162. Mister Boring by Daniel Bryan
  163. Model 1 by Rick Martel
  164. Model 2 by Rick Martel
  165. Monster Among Mne by Braun Strowman
  166. Mr. Athletic by Jeff Cobb
  167. Mr. Red, White and Blue by Jim Duggan
  168. Ms. Texas by Jacqueline
  169. Munitions Specialist by Karl Anderson
  170. Next Generation of Great by Jason Jordan
  171. Nexus Original by Justin Gabriel
  172. No Nonsense by Suicide
  173. No Dummies Allowed by Eli Drake
  174. No! No! No! by Daniel Bryan
  175. Nia Jax by Nia Jax
  176. Not Like Most Bots by N14-J4X
  177. The One and Only 1 by Billy Gunn
  178. The One and Only 2 by Billy Gunn
  179. One Hundred Souls by Andrade Cien Almas
  180. One Man Army by AR Fox
  181. One Man Band by Heath Slater
  182. One of Two by Oney Lorcan
  183. One Percent by EC3
  184. One Two Tre by Tre
  185. Outback Dundee 1 by Shane Thorne
  186. Outback Dundee 2 by Shane Thorne
  187. Painful Literature by Authors of Pain
  188. Pearlescent Legend by Ivory
  189. The Perfect One by Mr. Perfect
  190. Personality Disorder 1 by Cactus Jack
  191. Personality Disorder 2 by Cactus Jack
  192. Personality Disorder 3 by Dude Love
  193. Personality Disorder 4 by Mankind
  194. The Phenom Of Cameron NC by Trevor Lee
  195. Pink Dream by Alex Gracia
  196. Poison Flower by Peyton Royce
  197. Poison Pixie 1 by Candice LeRae
  198. Poison Pixie 2 by Candice LeRae
  199. Power Of Love by Mike Kanellis
  200. Princess by Madison Rayne
  201. Proud Heritage by Tatanka
  202. Punjabi Giant by The Great Khali
  203. Queen of Aerobic Style by Delilah Doom
  204. Ravishing by Lana
  205. Real Man by Rick Rude
  206. Red Beard by Rowan
  207. Repeat After Me by Jack Swagger
  208. Respect The Nation 1 by Faarooq
  209. Respect The Nation 2 by Kama Mustafa
  210. Rock & Roll 1 by Ricky Morton
  211. Rock & Roll 2 by Robert Gibson
  212. Rock The Promo Champ by A.J. Kirsch
  213. The Rockstar by Machine Gun Kelly
  214. Rose Gold 1 by Mandy Rose
  215. Rose Gold 2 by Mandy Rose
  216. Rowdy Rebel 2 by Ronda Rousey
  217. Royal Flush by Kenny King
  218. Rugged Moustache by Trent Seven
  219. Rural Hardcore by Mickie James
  220. Ruthless by Rhett Titus
  221. Samoan Dynasty by Rikishi
  222. Samural Sister by Samantha Urai
  223. Scottish Supernova by Noam Dar
  224. Sea Creature by Boogeyman
  225. Second Generation by Rachael Evers
  226. Seeing Red by Amazing Red
  227. Seismic Activity by Earthquake
  228. Self High Five 1 by DDP
  229. Self High Five 2 by DDP
  230. Shake, Rattle & Roll by Honky Tonk Man
  231. She Lady by Ivy Nile
  232. She’s On Fire by Alundra Blayze
  233. Sheepherding Kiwis by The Bushwhackers
  234. The Shield’s Lunatic by Dean Ambrose
  235. Shining Star by Santana Garrett
  236. Sign Of The Times by Scorpio Sky
  237. Sky Pirate by Kairi Sane
  238. Slam To Win by Mark Andrews
  239. Smooth C by Chuck Taylor
  240. SmoothShot by Shane Strickland
  241. Spiritual Dragon by Shynron
  242. Stand To Attention by Sgt. Slaughter
  243. Starry Eyed Wrestler by Barbi Hayden
  244. Storm Warning by Toni Storm
  245. Stunningly Hollywood by Stunning Steve Austin
  246. Stylin’ And Profilin 1 by Ric Flair
  247. Stylin’ And Profilin 2 by Ric Flair
  248. Summer Days by Summer Rae
  249. Super Hero by The Hurricane
  250. Swerved by Isaiah “Swerve” Scott
  251. Swiss Specialist 1 by Cesaro
  252. Swiss Specialist 2 by Cesaro
  253. Tech Chairwoman by ChairWoman Bliss
  254. “The Bad Girl” by Penelope Ford
  255. Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down by Sami Callihan
  256. Thunderous Boom by Adam Cole
  257. Time Traveler by Kushida
  258. The Top Enforcer by Arn Anderson
  259. Total Package 1 by Lex Luger
  260. Total Package 2 by Lex Luger
  261. Trinidad Rose by Zelina Vega
  262. Tropical Cyclone by Typhoon
  263. True Player by The Godfather
  264. Two of Two by Danny Burch
  265. Ultimate Finesser by Chris Bey
  266. Undead by Generic Zombie
  267. Undisputed Buzzsaw by Kyle O’Reily
  268. Undisputed Strength by Roderick Strong
  269. Unleash The Demon 1 by Finn Balor
  270. Unleash The Demon 2 by Finn Balor
  271. Venice Surfer by Sting
  272. Ver 1.0 by Matt Hardy
  273. Voodoo Shaman by Papa Shango
  274. The Wanderer by Seth The Wanderer
  275. War Machine by The Terminator T2
  276. Warrior Princess by Nikki Bella
  277. Wastleland Creature by Roman Reigns
  278. WCCW Brotherhood 1 by Kerry Von Erich
  279. WCCW Brotherhood 2 by Kevin Von Erich
  280. Welcome To The Wasteland 1 by Konnor
  281. Welcome To The Wasteland 2 by Viktor
  282. What A Rascalz by Wes Lee
  283. Woken One by Matt Hardy
  284. World Strongest Man by Mark Henry
  285. Wrestling Artist by Colt Cabana
  286. Wrestling Genius by Kassius Ohno
  287. The Yes Movement 1 by Daniel Bryan
  288. The Yes Movement 2 by Daniel Bryan
  289. You Didn’t Know by Road Dogg Jessie James
  290. Zombie by Zombie

List of Tag Team Preset Entrances in WWE 2K23

Aside from making custom-made characters and original wrestlers for the game, players can create factions and tag team entrances as well. Below is the list of tag team entrances that players can use in the game:

  1. The A-Listers by The Miz & John Morrison
  2. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross by Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross
  3. All Night by Kenny King & Rhett Titus
  4. American Alpha by Chad Gable & Jason Jordan
  5. Aussie Aggression by Nick Miller & Shane Thorne
  6. The B Team by Axel Curtis & Bo Dallas
  7. Banker & The Creature 1 by Mr. Mackelroy & Sea Creature
  8. The Bar by Cesaro & Sheamus
  9. The Bludgeon Brothers by Luke Harper & Erik Rowan
  10. British Bulldogs by British Bulldog & Dynamite Kid
  11. Brothers Of Hardcore by The Dudley Boyz
  12. Bulgarian Brute by Rusev & Lana
  13. The Bull Fighters by Los Matadores
  14. The Club by Gallows & Anderson
  15. The Creed Brothers by The Creed Brothers
  16. Cyber Link Up by CyberNaomi & Daemon Deville
  17. The Deleters Of Worlds by Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt
  18. Diamond In The Rough by DDP & Cactus Jack
  19. Disputed Age by Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong
  20. The Dream Team by Beefcake & Valentine
  21. Edge & Lita by Edge & Lita
  22. Extreme Weather Conditions by The Natual Disasters
  23. Familia Mysterio by Rey & Dominik Mysterio
  24. Fire & Desire by Mandy & Sonya
  25. Fists In The Air by The Nation of Domination
  26. Freedom Birds 1 by The Fabulous Freebirds
  27. Freedom Birds 2 by The Fabulous Freebirds
  28. The Funkadactyls by Cameron & Naomi
  29. Generic Tag 1 by Generic Tag 1
  30. Generic Tag 2 by Generic Tag 2
  31. Generic Tag 3 by Generic Tag 3
  32. Generic Tag 4 by Generic Tag 4
  33. Generic Tag 5 by Generic Tag 5
  34. Generic Tag 6 by Generic Tag 6
  35. Generic Tag 7 by Generic Tag 7
  36. Generic Tag 8 by Generic Tag 8
  37. Generic Tag 9 by Generic Tag 9
  38. Generic Tag 10 by Generic Tag 10
  39. Get Hype 1 by Hype Bros.
  40. The Hollywood Blonds by Stone Cold & Brian Pillman
  41. The Hooliganz by London & Kendrick
  42. The Hurt Business by The Hurt Business
  43. I Got Kids by Heath Slater & Rhyno
  44. The Icons by The IIconics
  45. Imperium Tag by Imperium
  46. Just Fists by The Revival
  47. Karrion Kross W/ Scarlett by Karrion Kross & Scarlett
  48. Last Names Only by Blake & Murphy
  49. Legado Del Fantasma by Legado Del Fantasma
  50. LoveBirds by The Kanellis
  51. Lovely Couple by The Kanellis
  52. The Lucha Dragons by The Lucha Dragons
  53. Ma.Ce & Manager by Ma.Ce & Manager
  54. Man.Soor & Manager by Man.Soor & Manager
  55. Maximum Male Models 2 by Maximum Male Models
  56. Messiah And Disciple by Seth Rollins & Murphy
  57. Million Dollar Moves by The Prime Time Player
  58. Mix Tag 1 by Mix Tag 1
  59. Mix Tag 2 by Mix Tag 2
  60. Mix Tag 3 by Mix Tag 3
  61. Mix Tag 4 by Mix Tag 4
  62. The Miz & Maryse by The Miz & Maryse
  63. The Miztourage by The Miztourage
  64. Never Defeated by Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins
  65. The New Day Big E & Kofi by New Day
  66. The New Day Big E & Woods by New Day
  67. The New Day Kofi & Woods by New Day
  68. One and Two by Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan
  69. One Hundred Souls by Andrade Cien Almas & Zelina Vega
  70. Package Deal by Amazing Red & Tre
  71. Painful Literature 1 by Authors of Pain
  72. Perth Preppies by SouthPaw Ilconics
  73. Pretty Dancers by Breezango
  74. The Pride Of Puerto Rico by The Colons
  75. R Truth and Kofi Kingston by R Truth and Kofi Kingston
  76. The Rider by
  77. Rock & Roll by The Rock & Roll Express
  78. The Rock ‘N’ Sock Connection by The Rock & Mankind
  79. The Sami & Kevin Show by Sami zayn & Kevin Owens
  80. Sheepherding Kiwis by The BushWhackers
  81. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable by Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable
  82. Sons Of The Bayou by Wyatt Family
  83. The Street Profits by The Street Profits
  84. Strongmen & Gentleman by The Vaudevillans
  85. Tag Team Extreme Party by Public Enemy
  86. Team Extreme by The Hardy Boyz
  87. Toxic Attraction by Toxic Attraction
  88. The Usos ’14 by The Usos
  89. The Usos 1 by The Usos
  90. The Usos 2 by The Usos
  91. The Viking Raiders by The Viking Raiders
  92. The WasteLand by The Ascension
  93. The Way by Candice LeRae & Indy Hartwell
  94. Whisker Wisteria by Mustache Mountain
  95. World Class Siblings by The Von Erichs
  96. World’s Greatest Team by Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas
  97. Wrestling Dragons by Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish
  98. Ziggler & Mcintyre by Ziggler & Mcintyre

List of Trios Preset Entrances in WWE 2K23

Aside from tag teams and singles entrance, there are groups in wrestling that usually have at least 3 or more members. In WWE 2K23, those have been taken into consideration, and as such players can create their own entrances using these presets below:

  • Absolution
  • The Brawling Brutes
  • Evolution
  • Generic Stable 1
  • Generic Stable 2
  • Generic Trio 1
  • Generic Trio 2
  • Generic Trio 3
  • Generic Trio 4
  • The Hurt Business Trio
  • Imperium Trio
  • Jinder Mahal With Bollywood Bro
  • The Judgement Day
  • Legado Del Fantasma
  • Lucha House Party
  • Maximum Male Models 1
  • Miztourage Trio
  • The New Day 1
  • The New Day 2
  • The O.C.
  • Painful Literature 2
  • Retribution
  • The Bloodline 
  • The Shield
  • Titus Worldwide
  • Toxic Attraction

And that’s our guide to all the entrance presets found in WWE 2k23. If players like this guide, be sure to check out our other WWE 2K23 guides and articles as well

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