Along With the Expensive Manufacturing Cost of the PS5 Comes With Quality Cooling System

Sony is paying through the nose for the development of the PlayStation 5. Recently in one of our articles, we mentioned that this next generation console costs about as much as $450 per unit to make. Pretty pricey for a piece of hardware. And one of the reasons for that is apparently because of the quality cooling system Sony is putting on the console.

When you’ve first heard of it, you may have been a little terrified. Your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro could sound like a commercial flight about to take off any moment. That its cooling system doing its job making sure that the hardware doesn’t burn itself playing all those delicious high detailed games. And for its time the last decade, cooling itself has been one of the biggest issues facing the PS4. When you have such a powerful hardware, its understandable that you need to ensure that its insides don’t accidentally burn itself. Better the noise of a jet engine than the smell of burning plastic.

The general rule goes: the lower the temperature, the better your computer runs. The PlayStation is no exception. The cooling system inside the PS5 will ensure that it runs optimally and keeps its own hardware safe from breaking due to heat. But the thing is, cooling systems aren’t that expensive that it can singlehandedly bump up the price to $450 overall. So there are certainly other parts of the PS5 going to be revealed soon as to why its worth what it is. All we got to go on is a report from Bloomberg saying that Sony is willing to pay the extra cash for the luxury of a better cooling system.

But the question is, do you think this is a good trade for a pricey next generation console? Due to the effort Sony is putting in, the PS5 may be worth the investment. Is it really worth it? That’s is up to you to decide!

Source: PushSquare, Bloomberg

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