Amazon Fires Driver Who Stole Boy’s PlayStation 5 Gift for his Birthday

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Multinational Technology Company Amazon has cut ties with a courier that drove off with a PlayStation 5 unit that was supposed to be a birthday gift.

The driver was caught in the act on a CCTV footage somewhere in Oxfordshire, UK. Jenni Walker, the mother of the boy who was supposed to get that PS5 as a bday gift, shares that story with media outlet Eurogamer.

According to Walker, her son at first did not want the driver to get into trouble. The CCTV footage did show how the driver handled the package. It clearly shoed that the large PS5-shaped box was seen at the back of his van. After delivering other packages, he then puts back the box back and then drove away.

The family first contacted Amazon and followed the same process with other customers that have the same incident happening to them. The company would investigate, at least that is what they said. Then they would issue a refund.

The mother refused a refund since the believed this would just end the contract between her and Amazon, and their responsibility to deliver the console that they paid for in full. They were offered a £5 gift voucher, but that was increased to £50 later on.

The daughter of Jenni then drove to the local Amazon depot to confront the boss. She showed the CCTV footage, which confirmed the situation. The boss confirmed that was their driver and was one of their employees. He promised that driver will be fired right away.

In a statement, Amazon said that they have very high standards for their delivery service providers and how they serve customers. The delivery associate will no longer be delivering in behalf of their company from now on.

With the global pandemic going on, it has been difficult to purchase an expensive device like a PlayStation 5 since there are many incidents reported these days that the delivery people have stolen them. Hopefully, the retail companies will implement some stricter rules from now on to prevent this from happening ever again.

Source: Eurogamer

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