AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Rumored to Launch in June 2021

A new rumor has revealed that the upcoming AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution technology will be released sometime next month.

YouTuber Coreteks, known for his leaked AMD content in the past, has revealed that the AMD FSR tech is finally coming to everyone sometime in June 2021. He claims that it is already now in developers’ hands. No details yet on how AMD will be implanting the final version of the technology since there is a difference between the versions being distributed to game developers. Coreteks could not give a clear detail on the possible performance uplift coming from it.

A great feature AMD FSR is it only needs less work from game developers and does not need any AI training. This is the complete opposite of the Nvidia DLSS, which is being used at the very end of the graphics line. According to Coreteks, this will speed up the adaptation of the and implementation of the technology by the developers.

The claim of AMD FSR launching sometime in June 2021 is quite the interesting part of the rumor. Media outlet VideoCardz has not heard any other rumor that could confirm this one yet, but they are surprised that it has come sooner than expected.

The weird part of this rumor is that Coreteks believes AMD FSR can be used by Nvidia GPUs. It is a FidelityFX toolkit, which by default is supported by AMD GPUs. Making it compatible with the opposition is definitely a surprise.

Take this rumor with a grain of salt for now. We will know for sure if this is true when AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution will become public next month.

Source: VideoCardz