Among Us VR Trailer Released

New trailer shows gameplay and how it looks inside the ship.

Innersloth has officially released the Among US VR trailer giving a sneak preview on VR gameplay.

A new trailer was recently released by Among US creators, Innersloth, to showcase their latest project, Among Us VR. This upcoming VR game will have the same gameplay as the original game, but in a VR environment.

The crewmates will have to work together in this VR world in order to complete tasks before one of more Impostors can kill everyone aboard. It can be the other way around too where the Impostors will have to subtlety sabotage and kill everyone aboard before the survivors find a way to get tasks finished, survive the whole ordeal, or find out you are the impostor and throw you out into space.

Among Us VR will have 4-10 players online where most of you are crewmates while a few of you are Impostors trying to kill everyone.

Among Us VR will be available in the holidays 2022. It will be released on PSVR, PC, and MetaQuest 2.

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