Another Epic Games Executive Leaves the Company

The second executive to leave Epic Games.

Another Epic Games executive has announced their departure from the company.

Epic Games’ Director of Publishing Strategy Sergiy Galyonkin has announced his departure from the company and today is his last day. It is unclear if his departure is related to the recent layoffs at Epic Games, which cut around 830 employees of its total workforce.

It is interesting to note that Galyonkin stated that he was “not a good fit” for where Epic is headed as a company. It means that the layoffs did not directly affect his departure, but somehow the result of it did.

According to his post, Galyonkin has been in the company for eight years. He joined the company in February 2016 as the head of publishing for Eastern Europe, before taking on his current role in August 2017. He created Steam Spy before that which launched in 2015. It gathered data from Steam user profiles, analyzed them, and generated statistics like approximate game sales and average playtime per game.

Galyonkin plans to remain in the gaming industry but possibly in a different company. He also hopes to be more vocal now that he does not have to worry about the PR department.