Anthem 2.0 Details Revealed with Pirates Information

Game developer BioWare Austin has recently given some details on what they are working on with Anthem and its new version.

Anthem 2.0 is being worked on by the Austin branch and the new content they are working on is something of pirate origin. Christian Dailey, studio director of BioWare Austin shared a concept art of one of the pirates.

Dailey revealed that this is of the Pirates of Blood Wind. It is a concept art of a grenadier with explosives attached to its belt. The mask looks like of a robot or is it supposed to be a robot? Who knows.

It was also mentioned that the studio is now working on ways to improve matchmaking and play with friends. There is also work being done on the game’s world.

No word yet on when it will be done, but for now BioWare Austin is hard at work.

Thanks Eurogamer!

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