Anthem New Details Revealed On Thruster Heat, Gameplay, And More

Anthem teaser

Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah is currently answering several questions about their video game on Twitter, providing the curious gamers some interesting details.

Interesting Anthem details revealed

Darrah provided some very interesting details about the game like the mechanics on thruster heat, gameplay, and many more. Here are some of those answers in bullet points:

  • The lore of the anthem IP includes sports. Yet, they’re not playable. They simply exist in the universe.
  • You can swap the helmet of your Javelin suit.
  • A player’s freelancer has a level that grants perks, while each Javelin can equip gear.
  • Expeditions can start both at Fort Taris and in the Strider.
  • Player characters will be voiced.
  • Your thrusters gain less heat while flying down, more while flying upwards.
  • Thrusters can cool down while in mid-air.
  • When you’re on an expedition with others, a player can’t cause cutscenes to be skipped for everyone.
  • You can’t use a weapon found on a mission immediately. You need to go back to the Forge and equip it.
  • Missions will include non-combat interactions.
  • Players can swim.
  • There won’t be fully customizable designs for armor decoration at launch.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will be available on February 22, 2019.

Source: Official Twitter Account