Anvil Saga Receives New Teaser

Only the blacksmith is safe from war!

Anvil Saga Featured image

Video game company HeroCraft PC and developer Pirozhok Studio have released a new teaser for their management sim with RPG elements, Anvil Saga. The teaser first premiered at the Escapist Indie Showcase. The game lets you control a blacksmith shop amidst the Hundred Years’ War.

Watch the Teaser Trailer here

About Anvil Saga

Players take control of Arthur, a young man trying to turn his father’s ramshackle blacksmith shop into a successful enterprise. The world is challenging and endlessly varied with a host of colorful characters. Each decision you make impacts the story and gameplay. Start with your trusty hammer, make tough decisions, hire new workers, win the heart of your true love, and build the smithy of your dreams.


  • Build the Smithy of Your Dreams: Construct new rooms and underground facilities in order to expand your smithy and take on the more challenging orders.
  • Make Decisions and Deal with the Consequences: Customers, relationships, and decisions – they all matter! Maintain your reputation with conflicting factions, each one offering protection and bonuses for your budding enterprise.
  • Become a Renowned Craftsman: Manage orders and try to increase your prestige level to attract the rich and famous. Look out for unique orders that pay for a premium.
  • Forge a Team of Professionals: Take charge with different skill sets, salary levels, needs, and personalities. Keep them happy by building special facilities. Equip your workers with special tools for faster help improve their craft by adding new books to your library.

Join the post-show to hear the game’s producer, Daniil Zevakin, talk about the development of the game, curious facts and plans on Escapist’s YouTube Channel on September 22nd, at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM GMT.

Check out more about the game on its Steam page.

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