Gravewood High Developer Shares Brochure For Child Safety

Here's some tips to keep your kids safe, from a game that's all about keeping safe from creepy creeps.

Developer HeroCraft PC have a created a sharable digital brochure about child safety with their upcoming stealth horror video game, Gravewood High, in mind. According to the developers, Gravewood High is a fictional take on high school, evil teachers, and strange disappearance. However, the real world isn’t a game they wish that child disappearances and abductions only occurred in fiction.

The brochure includes tips such as:

  • Be careful of strangers: Watch your surrounding and people who act strangely. If it looks like someone on foot or in a car, go to a crowded area, such as a store or other public places. If there is none, try to find an adult with children.
  • School is a safe place: If your parents or guardians are late when picking you up, stay on school grounds until they arrive. Schools can be boring, but there are people who will look after you there.
  • Talk to adults: If you see something strange, don’t be afraid to tell a teacher or an adult you trust. Unlike in movies or games, adults do listen to kids.
  • Yell. Kick. Run: If you feel like you are in danger, just run. When someone you don’t know tries to kidnap you or push you inside a car, yell, kick, and run. The more attention you attract, the safer you are.

Over 8 million children go missing every year from around the world. We’re not only the developers of a title where children disappear, we’re also parents. It’s fun to play horror games, but making sure our loved ones are safe is important. That’s why we want to share a few simple tips on how to keep kids in and out of school.”

– Vasiliy Tedeev, Head of PC Games Publishing, HeroCraft PC.

HeroCraft PC made a printable brochure with easy-to-understand tips for kids on how to be safe. These prints can be distributed to schools, offices, malls, or anywhere that children may be present.

You can download the brochure in full-color here, or a printer-friendly black and white version here.

Gravewood High is set to release on PC (via Steam and Epic Game Store) later this year. For more information about the game, you can check our previous article on game’s latest teaser.

Source: Press Release