Apex Legends Character Trailer Focuses on Vantage

Trained in the wilds and the ultimate sniper.

Respawn Entertainment has recently released a new Apex Legends character trailer that features the sniper-savant Vantage.

Apex Legends Vantage Character Trailer

Vantage is a new Legend who will be introduced in the upcoming new season and is an unparalleled sniper. She can take out enemies at great distances without breaking a sweat and possibly might become one of the best characters to use in the game.

All Abilities

The video showcases all of her three abilities that she can use on the battlefield. These are the Echo Relocation, Spotter’s Lens, and Sniper’s Mark.

Echo Relocation

Echo Relocation is Vantage’s Tactical Ability, which allows her to position her winged companion Echo in a more favorable location. She can then Launch towards him and get away safely. She must have a line of sight for Echo to launch.

Spotter’s Lens

Spotter’s Lens is Vantage’s Passive Ability. She can aim down sights to scout with her eyepiece and she can do this unarmed or with a mid-to long-range scopes. She can then use her bullet drop indicator to see where the shots will land, which is a really helpful ability for snipers.

Sniper’s Mark

Vantage’s Ultimate Ability is the Sniper’s Mark. She will use a custom sniper rifle to mark enemy targets. She can apply a damage bonus for her and her team when she uses this.

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Vantage and Apex Legends Hunted will launch on August 9, 2022, for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.