Apex Legends Legacy Will Kick-Ass

Welcome back, legends.

Hope you’ve made your peace with Season 8 because it’s about to be all over. And you’d best make use of the little time you have left with the current season because Season 9 is coming and it’s about to make some pretty big changes that will kick ass.

So polish your keyboards and controllers because the next season, Legacy, is taking off for launch this May 4th. And we got a new legend that dominates the skies.

So what are the changes coming and why should you be excited for them?

  • New Legend – pretty much to be expected with each new season. Get ready to dominate the skies with recon specialist, Kairi Imahara, who’s got the blood of a titan pilot running through her veins. This girl may be a bit cocky, but she’s the ability to back it up. Come Season 9, you’ll be watching the skies for Valkyrie raining down shrapnel at your location.
  • New Weapon – and it stands out uniquely from the rest of the arsenal at your disposal. The new bow is a silent and deadly weapon meant for those with deadly accuracy and relentless precision. With not one, but two hop-ups unique to the Bocek, there’s a lot of utility for those who fancy themselves expert archers. But be frugal with ammunition. Arrows aren’t as common as other ammo types. But with another feature unique to the bow, you can pick up any discharged arrows from most surfaces.
  • Peacekeeper is Back – how many seasons have we missed this baby? I can’t remember the last time I got my hands on this from the ground since all the way back from Season 4. Starting from Season 9, you’ll no longer have to keep your eyes out for a care package dropping in or looting it from a death box. The peacekeeper is back on the ground for everyone to grab. Bad news for the Triple Take lovers though, you’ll have to find them in care packages now.
  • Arena Mode – possibly the biggest change in the Apex Games to date. Squad up with 2 close friends to take on an enemy squad in an enclosed 3v3 environment with your favorite legend. No loot from the ground, no third parties, and no complications. Just you and the enemy squad.
  • Emotes – besides teabagging and kill quotes, there wasn’t really much ways to brag about superiority like a cultured gamer. Until now. Season 9 will be introducing emotes which will let your chosen legend do an animation in third person. Don’t think you can use this for peeking around corners. Anybody your legend can’t see won’t be drawn.
  • Arranged User Interface – getting tired of seeing your badges all lumped up? This new season will finally tidy up the messy menu. The badges you’ve earned will now be arranged neatly into categories. Speaking of categories, a new one for weapons has been added. Snipers and marksmen weapons are now placed into their own category. With marksmen weapons being somewhere between an assault rifle and a sniper. Take the G7-Scout and 30-30 Repeated. The Bocek will also be placed into this category.

You think you got what it takes to thrive in Season 9? Doubtful.