Apex Legends: Resurrection Launch Trailer Kill Code Part 2 Revealed

Revenant is out of control?!

Respawn Entertainment has recently revealed the Apex Legends: Resurrection Launch Trailer Kill Code Part 2 featuring the cybernetic killer Revenant.

Apex Legends: Resurrection Kill Code Series

While Part 1 of Kill Code was about Lifeline, Maggie and Loba following a lead to Salvo to investigate the mystery behind Duardo Silva, Part 2 focuses on the cybernetic eyeball that Loba got in the factory that they “visited”. She asks help from Crypto to hack a discarded fragment of a Revenant to investigate some disturbing changes. It seems to have triggered something within the current Revenant though.

Revenant Losing Control?

The video features the cybernetic assassin doing his usual Apex tournaments but suddenly his visions distort and some even vanish from his very eyes. It looked like these people were never there, and sometimes, it is he who suddenly gets erased. As the Crypto’s hacking gets deeper, Revenant’s “craziness” gets intense that would drive someone mad if they were human.

Revenant’s New Look?

After the group discovers another lead on Silva, all of them leave except Crypto who continues to work on the fragment. Meanwhile, a “being” appears to be going into a vent and appearing in someone’s room, which is actually Crypto’s. He gets attacked by this mysterious being and when his reflection is seen, it is actually Revenant in a new look.

Gameplay Trailer Release Date

The Resurrection gameplay trailer release date is then revealed to be on August 3, 2023. “Death is Reborn” the caption says.

Apex Legends is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.