Apex Legends Season 16 New Weapon Nemesis Burst AR Details

Here are all the details of the upcoming new weapon in Apex Legends Season 16 Revelry!

After consecutive seasons of new Legends, Apex Legends Season 16 is changing things up by introducing a new weapon to the game, the Nemesis burst AR.

The decision wasn’t as dramatic as one would assume. After considering all the upcoming changes coming to all the Legends in Apex Legends, the devs at Respawn decided to take a step back to allow players to adjust to the massive gameplay shift.

Is Apex Legends Getting a New Weapon in Season 16?

In short, yes. Apex Legends will be getting a new weapon in the form of the Nemesis Burst AR.

The Nemesis is a four-round assault rifle that comes equipped with an automatic trigger. This means that if you hold the trigger down, the gun is going to fire bursts as quickly as it can until the rate of fire is barely any different from a full-auto rifle.

The best thing about the new weapon is that it holds its charge for a good amount of time, even when you reload it. In theory, you can ramp up the gun, relocate, and just have enough of a charge when you decide to re-engage the enemy. As long as you’ve got ammo and targets to hit, you’ll be able to retain the fast fire rate.

The Nemesis is an energy weapon that consumes energy ammo.

It comes with a full suite of attachments including:

  • Barrels
  • Magazines
  • Tactical Stock
  • Mid-range optics
Lifeline with Nemesis burst AR

The Nemesis Raison D’etre

Lead Weapons Designer, Eric Canavese, shared the team’s objectives when designing a weapon like the Nemesis.

“When we think about the Nemesis and their goals for it on the battlefield, it’s really to help dislodge this sort of line at the top which is the Flatline and the R301,” states Canavese. “As these [guns] dominate players’ loadout, they kind of do everything. It creates this weird situation where we ever try to nerf one of them or change out the meta or put one in the care pack or the crafter, or something like that, it’s just so easy to see everybody going to the second one.”

“And while getting a third weapon up there to start competing with the R301 and the Flatline in the Assault Weapon category, it allows us some much more wiggle room down the line for long-term meta changes, how we want to envision this meta-shifting from season to season.”

Apex Legends Season 16 Revelry is coming to PC (via Steam) and all mainline consoles starting on February 14, 2023. Check out the launch trailer here.