Apex Legends Tier List – The Best Legends in Season 11 Escape

Apex Legends Season 11: Escape is now live, what's the current Legends tier list?

Apex Legends Tier List

Season 11 of Apex Legends has finally arrived. And with it, we welcome an old foe we fought on the battlefield from another time – Ash. Now, we place ourselves in her shoes… or fight her on the battlefield. Which Legends do you believe stand a chance against this ominous pilot from the past? And how viable of a pick is she? If you want to know the current cream of the crop for this current season, then take a look at our tier list.

Your mileage may vary. In the hands of a skilled player, this tier list means nothing. However, each Legend in the roster brings their own set of utility that puts them above everyone else. How great their function depends on what mode you’re playing on as both battle royale and arenas have considerably different elements.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List – Battle Royale

Out in the open areas you always have to worry about other teams. And you’ll never know when someone might drop in and join the fight. And while Apex Legends have always favored aggressive tactics, we also have to keep utility in mind when out in the open field.

The legends we picked for our battle royale tier list have been picked for their usefulness and versatility out in the open field.




Ash, Octane, Lifeline


Bangalore, Gibraltar, Wraith, Horizon, Wattson, Seer


Mirage, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Valkyrie


Fuse, Caustic, Rampart, Revenant, Loba




The cream of the crop; S-Tiers are the top picks for good reason. Their utility, versatility, and ease of use make them the new meta. They’re the frequent killers and favorite picks of players everywhere.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Ash


The former pilot from Titanfall. Ash cuts into the roster and brings a menacing skillset with her. Players won’t just choose her for nostalgia. Her ability to sense recent kills gives her an advantage when plotting third-party plays. Ash can prevent injured players from fleeing as well as cut the distance close.

Ash Abilities

Marked for Death – Ash’s passive ability. This allows her to see the location of recent death boxes. She can also see any surviving enemy team players from her interactions with a death box.

Arc Snare – Ash throws a snare that both damages and hooks the first enemy that gets too close to it. This is her tactical ability and is useful in getting anyone who has cold feet from fleeing the battlefield.

Phase Breach – Ash tears through space-time and opens a portal with her blade. This is her ultimate ability which she can use to close in the distance to any squad or make a daring escape.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Octane


Speed is the central theme of this Legend; Octane blazes through the battlefield in a hazy green aura making him difficult to hit. He’s an easy Legend to push any attack with and a difficult Legend to catch up to. Don’t leave him alone for too long as he does eventually regenerate lost health.

Octane Abilities

Swift Mend – If you’re not taking any damage, Octane will heal a small amount of health over time. If left alone long enough, Octane will heal fully making him a great Legend for saving up on syringes.

Stim – Octane’s tactical ability. This allows him to increase his speed significantly for six seconds. While it has a little cooldown period, it does cost a little bit of health to use. This ability also reduces any slowdown ability from taking fire.

Launch Pad – Octane throws a jump pad to the ground. This allows his team (or even an enemy squad) to use it. Launchpads are best utilized for attacking thanks to their fast traversal. It’s very difficult to hit someone in the air moving at your squad.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Lifeline


The ability to fight on the battlefield requires you to be on your feet, and there’s no better Legend than Lifeline to keep you in fighting condition. Lifeline is very valuable for her to revive ability which does not reduce the number of combatants in your squad by the simple act of helping a teammate up their feet.

Lifeline Abilities

Combat Revive – Her most useful ability; by reviving a teammate Lifeline deploys her drone to do the reviving for her. This leaves this Legend free to defend making it more challenging for attackers to push.

D.O.C Heal Drone – Lifeline drops her drone to heal any who are near overtime.

Care Package – a Care Package can be called in full of great quality defensive gear to be used by her squad.


A-Tiers are great picks for their versatility in combat. Although not quite S-tier or the cream of the crop, these Legends are a force to be reckoned with thanks to the abilities they bring to the battlefield.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Bangalore


Bangalore is a professional soldier valued for her ability to adapt to any battlefield. She reacts fast under fire and can throw down smoke to give your squad visual cover. This Legend is an excellent pick on any fight.

Bangalore Abiltiies

Double Time – when Bangalore is under fire she receives a significant boost in speed. This allows her to quickly react and dodge incoming bullets.

Smoke Launcher – Bangalore throws down a smoke canister that impairs vision. This tactical ability is perfect for hasty escape or for pushing attacks.

Rolling Thunder – calls in an artillery strike that spreads across a good portion of the area. They will explode after a short period while damaging and slowing down Legends caught in it.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Gibraltar


The big guy of the bunch; don’t mistake his giant height for an easy mark. Gibraltar is a great defensive Legend that makes his presence known in every fight. His ability to support and defend his squad can be vital in many gunfights.

Gibraltar Abilities

Gun Shield – when Gibraltar aims down his sights he deploys a shield that blocks incoming fire. His shield can be turned on and off at will but will break after taking enough damage. This Legend can also reduce incoming damage by fifteen percent and will not be slowed down by bullets.

Dome of Protection – Gibraltar throws down a dome of protection that blocks both incoming and outgoing attacks. This tactical ability is useful for giving your squad room to breathe when caught out in the open.

Defensive Bombardment – calls down a mortar strike after Gibraltar marks an area with smoke. This ultimate ability deals tremendous damage to those caught in the open.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Wraith


Her short stature has been subject to numerous nerfs due to how difficult Wraith is to hit. And even then, Wraith is still a challenging figure to accurately shoot down. This Legend can run across the battlefield and bring her team with her making her perfect for positioning.

Wraith Abilities

Voices From the Void – if an enemy is aiming at you, Wraith hears a voice in her head warning her of the danger.

Into the Void – Wraith can go into the void and position herself in safety for a time without worrying about incoming damage.

Dimensional Rift – opens a portal for anyone to take between two locations for sixty seconds. A great tool to help your team flank the enemy by catching them by surprise.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Horizon


Horizon can be pretty tricky to hit thanks to her vertical traversal abilities. She can quickly move up in the air and drop down just as easily without any setbacks. Height is no issue for this Legend.

Horizon Abilities

Spacewalk – this passive ability gives Horizon amazing air control and reduces the impact of hitting the ground after a fall.

Gravity Lift – Horizon can lift players upwards by reversing the flow of gravity. This tactical ability is great for moving up any height.

Black Hole – deploys NEWT that creates a micro blackhole that pulls players towards it. Enemy players affected will also glow red making them easier to hit.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Wattson


After receiving quite a buff this Season 11, Wattson moves up the tier list thanks to her boosted defensive abilities. No longer do you have to worry about the time limit of her Interception Pylon, block all incoming grenades and missiles indefinitely.

Wattson Abilities

Spark of Genius – using any kind of Ultimate Accelerant recharges Wattson’s ultimate ability fully. Like Octane, Wattson slowly regenerates her shields over time.

Perimeter Security – Wattson can create and link fences together that damages and slow down enemies crossing it. A great ability for locking down an area.

Interception Pylon – Wattson can place a pylon that destroys any incoming ordnance while restoring her team’s shields. If Wattson stands close to a pylon, she will boost her tactical recharge.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Seer


The latest Legend from the previous season; there’s no point in hiding when Seer can find you thanks to your beating heart. Seer is an excellent Legend that can track any enemies nearby and give critical information to his squad.

Seer Abilities

Heart Seeker – visualize the enemy’s beating hearts as you aim down your sights. Anyone within seventy-five meters will be displayed on your reticles allowing you to pinpoint their location.

Focus of Attention – Seer sends his micro drones forward that blasts enemies after a short delay. Any enemy caught within has their location and health information revealed. This also interrupts any action they were attempting to perform.

Exhibit – Seer creates a sphere of micro-drones that displays the location of enemies moving quickly. There’s nowhere to hide once this Legend throws down his ultimate.


This tier is for Legends who are a little bit more situational on the battlefield. They can still be excellent picks, but with how difficult they are to master they can challenging to truly be comfortable to use.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Mirage


The trickster of the battlefield, Mirage can create decoys that fool enemies and make them waste ammunition. His presence on the battlefield can be noticed thanks to seeing him multiple times at once. His ability to cloak out and go invisible also has great utility.

Mirage Abilities

Now You See Me – Mirage cloaks out automatically when he’s reviving his squad members as well as using the Respawn Beacons. This also applies to him when he’s downed by the enemy team.

Psyche Out – send out a hologram of Mirage to fool the enemy. You can take control of it to make it imitate your actions making it more convincing of deceit.

Life of the Party – Mirage cloaks out for a second before deploying a team of controllable decoys to fool the enemy.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Bloodhound


Bloodhound is a good tracker, but he’s outclassed by Seer unfortunately in almost every way. He’s still a viable pick as his ability to track down foes can be a great utility on any firefight.

Bloodhound Abilities

Tracker – enemy teams leave clues for you to track down their location. This information can tell you if someone was recently injured and how long it was before they were there.

Eye of the AllFather – Bloodhound tracks enemies and traps behind walls for a brief period of time revealing their position to his squad. This also helps him track down clues.

Beast of the Hunt – gives Bloodhound a boost in senses and speed. This ultimate ability shows Bloodhound enemy tracks while moving faster to chase prey down. Enemies will glow red making them easier to spot and knocking down foes extends the duration of this ability.


The blood of a pilot runs through Valkyrie’s veins and it shows. This Legend’s ability to gracefully maneuver through the air makes her great at positioning; only offset by the fact that she can’t use her guns while using her jetpacks.

Valkyrie’s Abilities

VTOL Jets – Valkyrie can move through the skies for a set period of time by pressing jump while in the air.

Missile Swarm – fires a series of mini-rockets that can damage and disorient enemy squads.

Skyward Dive – turns Valkyrie into a portable jump tower and brings her team with her to the skies. While falling down from above, Valkyrie can mark enemy squad members for her team.


A favorite pick for many players, Pathfinder is unfortunately at the receiving end of relentless nerfs that undermine his utility. The ability to scan Survey Beacons was once unique to this Legend but is now available for all within the Recon class.

Pathfinder Abilities

Insider Knowledge – scanning Survey Beacons reduces Pathfinder’s ultimate ability recharge rate.

Grappling Hook – Pathfinder can deploy his hook to a surface be able to get to any out-of-reach places in a short amount of time.

Zipline Gun – Pathfinder creates a zipline for anyone to use allowing for quick traversal between areas.


This tier is for Legends that can be challenging to use with abilities that are very situational. They’re not useless, but they can take some time to get used to.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Fuse


This lovable rogue is a master of destruction. Chaos is his method and Fuse is its scion. Fuse’s ability to rain down grenades from long-range makes him a portable mortar squad all in one. Unfortunately, this means that he has to dedicate a good amount of his inventory stocking up on ordnance. If the enemy squad has an Interception Pylon, ol’ Fuse is as good as worthless.

Fuse Abilities

Grenadier – Fuse can stack two grenades of the same type per inventory slot allowing him to save up more room. This was once an ability for every Legend but was given uniquely to Fuse after reworking the game’s inventory system.

Knuckle Cluster – launches a cluster grenade that explodes continuously after a period of time, damaging enemies that remain in the area and forcing them to move elsewhere.

The Motherlode – creates a wall of fire that encircles targets and traps them within. Any members of the enemy squad caught will be highlighted red.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Caustic


The toxic Legend of the battlefield; Caustic can deploy gas canisters that slows down enemy squads and damages them over time should they remain in the area. Unfortunately, Caustic’s gas traps are ridiculously easy to disable and they’re best utilized indoors around the corner. This makes this Legend’s utility very situational.

Caustic Abilities

Nox Vision – hostiles that move through Caustic’s gas are highlighted. Caustic also takes fewer damage thanks to his Fortified ability and will not be slowed by incoming bullets.

Nox Gas Trap – Caustic can place up to six canisters that trigger when shot at or by enemy teams moving too close to it. Great for keeping enemies at bay.

Nox Gas Grenade – throws a gas grenade that continuously damages hostiles within a good radius.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Rampart


A great Legend to use for defense, Rampart can lock down any area and give your squad an edge. This Legend is situational though as her covers take time to fully deploy which may require you to lock down an area first. Even her passive abilities coerce players to find certain weapons on the battlefield.

Rampart Abilities

Modded Loader – any LMG on Rampart’s hands gets an increase in magazine size and makes for faster reloads. This also includes her minigun.

Amped Cover – Rampart can deploy a one-way cover that blocks incoming damage but not outgoing. After taking a set amount of incoming damage, the shield of the walls break.

Mobile Minigun “Sheila” – brings out Sheila, a portable minigun that Rampart can use. She can also place it down for anyone to use as a stationary turret. Rampart can deploy up to three Sheila’s at once.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Revenant


Revenant is supposed to be a scary serial killer lurking in the darkness but his abilities are in need of a buff. His tactical that silences enemies is decent, but has a short radius and can easily miss. This Legend is best used for his ultimate which can manipulate death once per use.

Revenant Abilities

Stalker – Revenant moves faster when crouched and can climb walls higher in comparison to other Legends.

Silence – throws some kind of device that damages and prevents the use of abilities for enemy squads for a set period of time.

Death Totem – Revenant deploys a totem the protects his team from death once per use. Armor cannot be used while activated and once health is depleted, squad members are sent back to the totem.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Loba


This charming roguish thief is certainly useful for gaining her squad great loot, but Loba can be difficult to utilize in a fight. Her ability to teleport takes time to use leaving her open and her passive ability to see good loot becomes nigh obsolete near the endgame when everyone has great equipment already.

Loba Abilities

Eye for Quality – Loba can see through walls and locate high-quality equipment.

Burglar’s Best Friend – Loba throws her jump-drive bracelet to quickly teleport over a distance.

Black Market Boutique – throws down a device that takes nearby loot of your choosing. Anyone, including enemy squads, can take up to two items.


The lowest tier of the bunch, reserved for Legends that are truly difficult to use.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List - Crypto


This is a particularly painful pick as Crypto is one of the most favored Legends by this writer. But with abilities that require him to be off the fight, Crypto does take some mastery to properly use him. Even leaving his drone in an area to watch for enemy squads leaves it vulnerable to attacks. Without the drone, Crypto can do essentially nothing and he can’t use his ultimate while his drone is under cooldown.

Crypto Abilities

Neurolink – Crypto tags the enemy squad allowing his team to see their exact locations.

Surveillance Drone – deploys a drone that can scan the area. While moving it around, Crypto cannot do anything leaving him open to attacks. If the drone is destroyed, there will be a forty-second cooldown.

Drone EMP – Crypto’s drone emits an EMP that damages the shields of enemy players by fifty, slows them down and destroys their traps. This ability cannot be used without his drone.

Apex Legends Season 11 Tier List – Arenas

When competing in arenas you don’t have to worry about anyone else joining in. You’re in a smaller map against another group. This means that aggressive and immediate combat ready Legends dominate the field. However some Legends who are more focused on their reconnaissance capabilities have a lot less utility.




Lifeline, Octane, Bangalore


Ash, Mirage, Horizon, Seer, Fuse


Wraith, Valkyrie, Gibraltar, Wattson, Caustic, Revenant, Bloodhound


Pathfinder, Rampart, Loba



When it comes to arenas mode, Lifeline is at the top of the food chain. Due to its nature, reviving in arenas is generally a bad idea. Once someone from your squad is downed, the enemy team usually gets more aggressive. And if you take a chance to pick your fallen comrade up, you’re leaving only one fighter on your squad to keep the enemy at bay. Lifeline mitigates this via her passive revive ability which goes a mile in keeping her team alive.

Aggressive characters like Octane and Bangalore work very well in this mode. Octane’s ability to push and Bangalore’s smoke canisters make them a deadly combination.

Unfortunately Crypto is at the bottom of the tier list. Not only does using his drone prevent him from moving but having it destroyed renders him unable to use his ability for a good portion of the match so simply leaving it in an area is already risky in itself.

Apex Legends Season 11 – Best Team Compositions

So far after playing a good amount of Apex Legends Season 11 and experimenting with team compositions we’ve found a few that we really thought worked well with each other. Teamwork is important in any Apex Legends and you going to want to take advantage of abilities that compliment each other well.

  • Revenant, Seer, Octane – Revenant’s ultimate ability leaves him one of the best Legends that can push without consequence. Teaming him up with Octane’s jump pad allows the rest of your squad to hone in fast and fully take advantage of the Death Totem. We recommend using Seer to ensure you know the enemy’s location.
  • Mirage, Bangalore, Lifeline – the best team composition we could find for arenas that allows for aggressive play. Mirage can be best use to confuse enemies while Bangalore can use her smoke canisters to provide visual cover. Lifeline can ensure that her team is kept alive throughout the fight.
  • Ash, Crypto, Seer – the most effective hunting squad for battle royale mode. Crypto is superb in locating the enemy team and detecting if any squads are close. Ash can close in the distance with her ultimate and prevent escapes. Both Crypto and Seer can place the area on a tight watch to ensure no enemy squad members are unaccounted for.

If you’re looking for another Apex Legends guide, here’s where all the best loot in Storm Point is when you drop.

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