Apogee Entertainment Releases Turbo Overkill Into Early Access Today

A new first person shooter legend is born

Turbo Overkill Early Access

Publisher Apogee Entertainment has announced that its hyper-fast-paced cyberpunk FPS, Turbo Overkill is releasing onto Steam Early Access today. The game is a delicious mix of retro styles and modern graphics in a reimagining of the golden years of impeccably designed shooters.

Developer Trigger Happy Interactive will also release the game on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch as a 1.0 version later this year.

“To this day, the classic shooters I grew up on are still masterclasses in tight, focused design,” said Sam Prebble, one-half of Trigger Happy Interactive.

“Turbo Overkill kneels at the altar of the greats, but I admire how modern games give us more ways to express ourselves. I can’t wait to see how players and their badass creativity blow my levels wide open.”

Turbo Overkill Early Access

Turbo Overkill enters Early Access with eight dense, multi-layered stages, plus secret arenas, multiple difficulty settings, tons of character upgrades, and unlockable content. Players can expect to have five to eight hours of gameplay with more stages, abilities, guns, challenges, and quality-of-life features set for the coming months.

About Turbo Overkill

Johnny Turbo returns home to the cyberpunk hellscape of Paradise and finds that a rogue AI named Syn has seized control of thousands of augmented bodies. To take back his city, Johnny must augment his own. Rev up the chainsaw leg, reload your arm rockets, and unleash a torrent of high-powered weapons against an entire city that wants you dead – just another day in Paradise.

Inspired by genre giants like Quake II, Titanfall, and BioShock, Turbo Overkill marries hyperspeed, pixel-perfect gunplay with the freedom to try different playstyles. Outrun and outgun with frenzied stunts like wall-running, grapple-swinging, and car-surfing. Upgrade the arm rockets for devastating close-range volleys. Reap aggressive rewards with chainsaw leg mods that increase or restore health with kills.


  • Kill a boss, get its augment (special power)
  • Play Spider-Man with your grappling hook
  • One-up Duke Nukem with your chainsaw kick
  • Kills = cash. Use cash to install augments, upgrade your weapons, and add new abilities to your talent tree
  • Be a ghost runner while wall running
  • Attack from above riding the hood of your flying car like a kung-furious badass
  • Mini-rockets built into your robotic arm? Check.
  • This. List. Will. Grow. Wishlist the game to see it happen

Turbo Overkill is out now on PC (via Steam Early Access) at 19.95 with support for English text and voice.

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