Apple’s New Mixed Reality Headset Vision Pro is Super Expensive

It's Apple's biggest achievement to date.

Apple has recently revealed its new mixed reality headset called Vision Pro and its price is out of this world.

Vision Pro is Apple’s First Spatial Computer

According to Apple, Vision Pro is its first spatial computer and a mixed-reality headset. It allows users to control it with their eyes, hands, and voice. They only need to look at an element, tap their fingers together to select, and use the virtual keyboard or dictation to type. Apps would come to life by filling the space around the user. It can be moved anywhere, scaled to the perfect size, react to the lighting in the room, and even cast shadows.

Vision Pro is Super Expensive and Launches Next Year

Vision Pro has been priced at $3,499. This will be launched in early 2024 in the United States and released in more countries later next year.

“Vision Pro creates an infinite canvas for apps that scales beyond the boundaries of a traditional display and introduces a fully three-dimensional user interface controlled by the most natural and intuitive inputs possible — a user’s eyes, hands, and voice,” said the company.

“Featuring visionOS, the world’s first spatial operating system, Vision Pro lets users interact with digital content in a way that feels like it is physically present in their space.

“The breakthrough design of Vision Pro features an ultra-high-resolution display system that packs 23 million pixels across two displays, and custom Apple silicon in a unique dual-chip design to ensure every experience feels like it’s taking place in front of the user’s eyes in real time.”

Vision Pro’s Capabilities and Battery Life

Vision Pro will be able to play over 100 Apple Arcade Games. It will support popular game controllers like the PS5’s DualSense pad. If it is not plugged in, the external battery will offer up to two hours of use when fully charged.

“Creating our first spatial computer required invention across nearly every facet of the system,” said Mike Rockwell, vice president of Apple’s Technology Development Group. “Through a tight integration of hardware and software, we designed a standalone spatial computer in a compact wearable form factor that is the most advanced personal electronics device ever.”

Vision Pro launches in early 2024.