Aquatico Releases First Alpha Footage, Showcases Features Beyond Building

There's a few surprises in there

Aquatico Alpha Gameplay Featured Image

Publisher Overseer Games and developer Digital Reef are excited to showcase the first video snippets showcasing alpha gameplay elements from their survival strategy/building game set in the deep of the Ocean, Aquatico. Expectedly, challenges players must overcome in that environment are unique and tough, but with proper planning everything can be done.

The alpha footage showcase, for the first time, some of the prominent gameplay elements:

  • vertical layered construction
  • logistics of underwater infrastructure planning and expedition mechanics

There are only some of the upcoming important building blocks for the successful creation of a thriving underwater settlement. At the same time, this alpha trailer finally gives away more details on how the game plans to utilize the specific environment found on the sea bed and allow players innovative ways to navigate these challenges by turning them into possible advantage.

About Aquatico

As a futuristic experience, expect to employ the help of drones, submarines, mechanized underwater robots, and all sorts of varied technology adapted to the new environment.

Expeditions are a part of the sandbox game that encourages everyone to explore further and obtain multiple bonuses in case of successful endeavors.

Aquatico features a narrative segment where players are introduced to the fantastic underwater world, while achieving various story goals at the same time.

Key Features

  • A survival city builder in a unique underwater environment
  • Gather and produce resources by setting up underwater production chains
  • Use vertical layered construction to maximize building efficiency
  • Lay foundations for underwater infrastructure
  • Utilize expedition mechanics to unlock environment secrets/bonuses
  • Build a submerged base and develop it into a thriving underwater city
  • Unlock new technologies and buildings through a vast research tree
  • Explore the mysteries of post-apocalyptic ocean depths.

Aquatico is set to release this Fall on PC (via Steam).

Source: Press Release

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