Aquatico, An Underwater City Builder, Set to Launch this Fall 2022

City builder with an emphasis on environment and atmospherics

Publisher Overseer Games and developer Digital Reef Games have announced their new underwater survival city builder, Aquatico. To celebrate the occasion, the publisher released the first teaser trailer revealing the incredible gaming environment the game has to offer.

Aquatico is a survival city-building game set on the ocean floor. In the not-too-distant future, the surface of the Earth has become a barren wasteland, but groups of people refused to abandon hope. They embarked on a journey beneath the waves hoping to find a safe place and start anew. They find an amazing, surreal world full of danger and challenges, and strive to find the needed resources to build a thriving underwater city.

You can find out more about the game from its Steam store page.

Aquatico Announcement Building Preview

About Aquatico

As a futuristic experience, expect to employ the help of drones, submarines, mechanized underwater robots, and all sorts of varied technology adapted to a new environment.

Expeditions are a part of the sandbox game that encourages everyone to explore further and obtain multiple bonuses in case of successful endeavors. Aquatico features a narrative segment where players are introduced to the fantastic underwater world while achieving various story-related goals at the same time.

Aquatico Announcement Overlook

Key Features

  • A survival city-builder in a unique underwater environment
  • Gather and produce resources by setting up underwater production chains
  • Build a submerged base and develop it into a thriving underwater city
  • Unlock new technologies and buildings through a vast research tree
  • Explore the mysteries of post-apocalyptic ocean depths.

Aquatico is set to release on PC (via Steam) sometime in Q3 2022.

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