ARK: Survival Ascended Blueprint Farming Guide

Learn quick tips on how to efficiently farm Blueprints in ARK: Survival Ascended with the help of this guide.

Ark Survival Ascended blueprint farming featured

The early access for ARK: Survival Ascended has dropped, and it’s time to farm blueprints. These blueprints allow you to craft specific items, which can be really useful in building your base or getting powerful equipment. In this guide, I’ll show you a quick and easy way to farm blueprints.

How to Farm Blueprints

There are two ways to farm blueprints in ARK: Survival Ascended. You can either take advantage of the Mystic Skin Oil buff or go fishing for blueprints with a high fishing rod. Here’s how you do both:

Using the Mystic Skin Oil Buff

ARK Survival Ascended Using the Mystic Skin Oil Buff Blueprint Farm

The easiest way to farm blueprints in ARK: Survival Ascended is by using the Mystic Skin Oil buff. This significantly increases the value of loot you acquire from Deep Sea Loot Crates and Supply Crates. The odds of finding MasterCraft and Journeyman blueprints are increased.

You can only get the Mystic Skin Oil from Liopleurodon which is incredibly rare. It is possible to farm it via passive tame, however the Liopleurodon only eats Giant Bee Honey so you’ll also have to tame Giant Bees. It’s a bit of a process but it’s well worth it. The Mystic Skin Oil buff lasts 6 hours which leaves you with more than enough time to go looking for Deep Sea Loot and Supply Crates for MasterCraft and Journeyman level blueprints.


ARK Survival Ascended Fishing Blueprint Farm

Farming blueprints in ARK: Survival Ascended is also easy if you have a high tier fishing rod. This method involves the least exploration as you just have to sit and repeatedly do the fishing minigame. After some time has passed, you definitely should have some blueprints.

You can only get high-tier fishing rods from Alpha Mosasaurs and Alpha Tusoteuthis, which are normally found at the depths of the ocean. The Alpha Mosasaur has a 20% chance of dropping a high-tier fishing rod upon defeat. If you want a guaranteed high-tier fishing rod, look for the Alpha Tusoteuthis, which always drops a fishing rod upon defeat.

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