Ark Survival Evolved Devs Said Sony “Won’t Allow” Cross-Platform Play

In the recent events when the PlayStation Global Head of Marketing and Sales, Jim Ryan, dismissed the cross-platform on PS4 for Rocket League and Minecraft, a lot were criticizing Sony’s decision to leave out a “pro-consumer” feature.

It’s been confirmed by Psyonix, the studio behind Rocket League, that it’s just like turning on a switch to fully make cross-platform functional – it’s that easy but Sony wouldn’t allow it.

A follower asked if the Xbox One and PS4 players can play with each other. Jeremy replied the unfortunate news that Sony didn’t allow it.

With Microsoft and Nintendo supporting cross-platform play, Sony is leaving out one important aspect in this generation. It might be a business decision to avoid having their consumers play with the brand competitors, but it also limits the capability of the consumers to play with their friends regardless of what console.

Some consider that this is an anti-pro consumer move while others think it’s a better idea in a business perspective.

What do you think? Should Sony start to support cross-platform play? Let us know in the comments section.

Ark: Survival Evolved officially launches this August 29.