Armored Core 6 All Endings Explained

This guide talks about the ways on how to achieve the different endings in Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6 Endings cover

Armored Core 6 has several different endings that can only be reached by choosing and completing certain missions that lean towards particular factions. These endings show what will be the fate of Rubicon 3 and its Coral through the hands of the mercenary pilot. Read ahead as we share how to get these different endings and what they entail in Armored Core 6.

There are a total of three different endings in Armored Core 6. These endings can be considered as the bad, good, and true endings, although their tagging can be debatable and can differ from player to player depending on their views. For this guide, we’ll take on the side of our pilot, C4-621 as we talk about the endings.

The main gist of these endings is that they can be reached depending on which side you will be playing as. From the fresh start, you will only be able to get the first two endings, and only after seeing both endings will you be able to get the third or true ending. You can pick whichever ending you would like to experience first in the first playthrough(NG), just make sure that you pick the other ending on the second playthrough (NG+) in order to experience the true ending on the third playthrough (NG++).

There are several missions throughout the chapters, known as Decision Missions, that will have you play towards the goal of the different sides or factions in the game. These missions are usually marked with a branching timeline icon, and you can only pick one over the other mission/s.

Bad Ending: The Fires of Raven

To get the bad ending of Armored Core 6, you will simply have to play along with the guidance of Handler Walter, so you will need to choose the missions that align with his main goal of preventing the other factions from getting a hold on the Coral. Handler Walter’s goal is to stop the catastrophe that happened before, The Fires of Ibis, which occurred when the previous civilization misused the Coral and brought upon their own extinction.

Choose these missions in order to get to the Bad Ending:

  • Chapter 3: Tunnel Sabotage
  • Chapter 3: Eliminate the Enforcement Squads
  • Chapter 4: Intercept the Redguns
  • Chapter 5: Intercept the Corporate Forces

After completing the Intercept the Corporate Forces mission, you will get the Shut Down the Closure Satellites mission where you will have to defeat Ayre who has taken control over an AC.

After defeating Ayre, the final cutscene plays where the Xylem successfully crashes into the Vascular Plant which causes the Coral to ignite and explode, destroying Rubicon 3 and everything that surrounds it. No one survived in the aftermath of the explosion dubbed as “The Fires of Raven”. However, a recording from Handler Walter addressed to 621 may suggest that the pilot may have survived.

Getting the bad ending will reward you with The Fires of Rubicon Achievement.

Good Ending: Liberator of Rubicon

To get the good ending of Armored Core 6, you will need to complete the missions that align with Ayre’s goal of protecting the coral from being destroyed. As it is revealed in the later chapters, Ayre is the manifestation of the Coral’s consciousness and the Coral believes that it can find a way to live along with humans.

Choose these missions in order to get the Good Ending:

  • Chapter 3: Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech
  • Chapter 3: Destroy the Special Forces Craft
  • Chapter 4: Ambush the Vespers
  • Chapter 5: Eliminate “Cinder” Carla

After eliminating “Cinder” Carla, you will get the Bring Down the Xylem mission where you will have to sabotage the Xylem to stop if from crashing into the Vascular Plant.

As you try to sabotage the Xylem, Walter will come in with his own AC and tries to stop you. After defeating Walter, the Xylem then successfully has its trajectory rerouted to crash back into the planet. Ayre then thanks Raven for helping the Coral and promises to find a way to reach both the Coral’s and humanity’s potential without getting into another Collapse.

Getting the good ending will reward you with Liberator of Rubicon Achievement.

True Ending: Alea Iacta Est

To get the true ending of Armored Core 6, you will need to reach both endings first, then start a third playthrough where you will choose to complete the newly unlocked NG++ exclusive missions. In this run, you will be going through the missions following the guidance of the AI known as ALLMIND and the Rubicon Liberation Front as they plan to free up the Coral and release its potential throughout the universe.

Choose these missions in order to get the True Ending:

  • Chapter 1: Attack the Dam Complex; Choose Accept to destroy Redguns G4 Volta and G5 Iguazu
  • Chapter 1: Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship
  • Chapter 3: Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech
  • Chapter 3: Eliminate the Enforcement Squads
  • Chapter 4: Coral Export Denial
  • Chapter 4: Underground Exploration – Depth 2; Complete the Arena and defeat all enemies to unlock all the available parts to get the Asset Holder Achievement, otherwise you will miss out on them after completing the third run
  • Chapter 4: Eliminate V.III

After eliminating V.III, you will get the MIA mission, which leads to the Regain Control of the Xylem and the Coral Release missions. Once the Coral Release mission is complete, the final cutscene will play where the Vascular Plant implodes into a black hole which then explodes, sending Coral outwards to spread in the universe. The next scene then shows broken AC units get revived as the Coral take over them, while Ayre talks to Raven about starting the new age together.