Armored Core 6 All Hidden Part Container Locations

This guide talks about the locations of the hidden part containers in Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6 Hidden Part Container cover

Hidden Part Containers are stashes that contain unique parts in Armored Core 6. These containers are scattered across the different missions and due to their nature of being primarily undocumented, finding all of them without any intel would be a tall order. Read ahead as we share the locations of all the Part Containers in Armored Core 6.

All the Hidden Part Containers in Armored Core 6 are only available from missions in Chapter 2 onwards. They are all untracked from the mission briefing and they are usually found off from the usual path to the next objective, but they aren’t cloaked and they can still be seen as they are. Should you wish to take on the challenge of looking for them on your own, or if you want to make searching for them as easy as possible, it is recommended to equip a head part that gives you good stats for scan distance.

WIP note: This guide is a work in progress. Additional information will be added as soon as they become available.

AC6 All Hidden Part Container Locations

For this guide, we’ll go through each mission that has a Part Container. Not all missions have a Hidden Part Container, but some missions have more than one container in them.

  • CC-3000 WRECKER (Core)
  • HC-3000 WRECKER (Head)
  • AC-3000 WRECKER (Arm)
  • 2C-3000 WRECKER (Leg)
  • IA-C01W1: NEBULA (Plasma Rifle)
  • IA-CO1G: AORTA (Generator)
  • WB-0010 DOUBLE TROUBLE (Chainsaw)
  • BC-0600 12345 (Booster)
  • WB-0000 BAD COOK (Flamethrower)
  • IA-C01L: EPHEMERA (Legs)
  • IA-C01B: GILLS (Booster)
  • IA-C01A: EPHEMERA (Arms)
  • IA-C01C: EPHEMERA (Core)
  • IA-C01H: EPHEMERA (Head)
  • IA-C01W3: AURORA (Light Wave Cannon)
  • IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHT (Light Wave Blade)
  • IB-C03W3: NGI 006 (Coral Missile Launcher)
  • IB-C03W4: NGI 028 (Coral Shield)

Chapter 2, Mission 12: Infiltrate Grid 086

  • CC-3000 WRECKER (Core) – During the “Reach center of Grid 086’s lower level” objective, jump down the hole in the ground, then immediately turn around to find the container.
  • HC-3000 WRECKER (Head) – Continue through the map until you reach the room with a furnace. Jump down into the lower level to find the container.
  • AC-3000 WRECKER (Arm) – Still in the furnace room, go to the section where molten metal is being poured, then enter the pipe opposite to the one that’s pouring molten metal to reach a lower level where the container is.
  • 2C-3000 WRECKER (Leg) – During the “Annihilate enemy MT squad” objective, check for the rails area (turn right, 90 degrees) before heading down to face the MTs and look for a slope that heads downwards to find the container.

Chapter 3, Mission 18: Tunnel Sabotage

  • IA-C01W1: NEBULA (Plasma Rifle) – Upon getting Ayre’s comms about the Coral response, look for a beam within the chasm that is higher up than where the objective marker is. Go up to the beam, then head to the left where you will find the room that has the container in it.

Chapter 3, Mission 19: Survey the Uninhabited Floating City

  • IA-CO1G: AORTA (Generator) – After shutting down the first fog device, you will be attacked by an enemy drone. Defeat it, then head for the second fog device. Before proceeding, look for a cylindrical building nearby which has a container on top.

Chapter 3, Mission 24: Eliminate “Honest” Brute

  • WB-0010 DOUBLE TROUBLE (Chainsaw) – Continue down to the platform where you first encounter the laser sensors. The platform arm closest to where you land is where the container sits.
BC-0600 12345
  • BC-0600 12345 (Booster) – Once you have a view of the turntable platform, look towards the right, around 320 degrees, where you will find a long platform opposite of the turntable. Go around the pillars connected to the turntable to reach the long platform where the container is located.
  • WB-0000 BAD COOK (Flamethrower) – Once you cross a forcefield and enter a gap into a room with lasers, drop down the first platform and look to your right (240 degrees) to find the container.

Chapter 4, Mission 28: Underground Exploration – Depth 1

  • IA-C01L: EPHEMERA (Legs) – Head down into the shaft up until the point where the partition gets closed. You will then be led to a room to the side of the shaft where you will find the container; can’t be missed due to the objective marker.

Chapter 4, Mission 29: Underground Exploration – Depth 2

  • IA-C01B: GILLS (Booster) – After defeating G5 Iguazu, continue down the depths until you encounter an enemy shooting blue lasers. Follow it through the chasm and until it goes behind a door. Go to the chamber to the right where you will find the container.
  • IA-C01A: EPHEMERA (Arms) – Exit the tunnel where you lost the enemy, then follow the ridge down below to reach the ventilation shaft. Take the jump pad and you will see the container at the very top.

Chapter 4, Mission 29: Underground Exploration – Depth 3

  • IA-C01F: OCELLUS (FCS) – Reach the core of the reactor, then look for the tanks on top of the catwalk around it. You will find the container behind the tanks.
  • IA-C01C: EPHEMERA (Core) – Within the same chamber, directly on the opposite side of the previous chest is a beam that connects the reactor to the wall. On the end of the beam is the container.

Chapter 4, Mission 33: Unknown Territory Survey

  • IA-C01H: EPHEMERA (Head) – Follow the objective and go through the tunnels. You will eventually pass by the container on the left side.

Chapter 4, Mission 34: Reach the Coral Convergence

  • IA-C01W3: AURORA (Light Wave Cannon) – From the starting point of the level, face towards 270 degrees and follow the edge of the map where you will find the container on top of a short building.
  • IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHT (Light Wave Blade) – Follow the objective until you reach the broken bridge. At the end of the bridge, jump down to the left, and fight the enemies below. You will then be able to get the container that the enemies were guarding.

Chapter 5, Mission 36: Regain Control of the Xylem (NG++ Exclusive)

  • IB-C03W3: NGI 006 (Coral Missile Launcher) – Once you start the mission, turn 70 degrees and jump down the lower level where you will find the container on the right side of the wall near the enemies.
  • IB-C03W4: NGI 028 (Coral Shield) – Enter the third zone of the mission and from the tunnel that you passed through, head 200 degrees and you will find the container on a platform.