How Many Chapters in Armored Core 6?

Armored Core VI chapters and missions list cover image

Armored Core 6 tells splits its main story into multiple chapters. Players will be playing through multiple story missions in order to complete a playthrough of Fires of Rubicon. We made this guide to show you how many chapters are in AC6 and its full missions list.

How Many Chapters in Armored Core 6?

There are five chapters in Armored Core 6. There are a total of 41 story missions split between chapters that you’ll tackle depending on choices you’ve made. There are also 17+ more missions available on New Game Plus modes.

It’ll take about 15 to 25 hours on average to beat Armored Core 6. The game is challenging, courtesy of being developed by FromSoftware. However it’ll take 3 complete playthroughs to unlock every mission in AC6 with each New Game Plus mode giving you a different ending.

The game takes place in the far future where humans are cybernetically enhanced with technology being able to reach the stars themselves. In the enigmatic world of Rubicon 3, a valuable substance called “Coral” that showed promise to revolutionize humanity’s energy production and significantly advance technological capabilities. However the same substance caused an event that left the planet itself and the surrounding star system in ruins.

Now the same substance that same substance that destroyed Rubicon 3 has resurfaced after decades. Off-world corporations descend onto the planet to wage war against resistance groups for control of Coral. Amidst all this you play as an augmented human named C4-621 who find themselves in the center of a power struggle between private corporations and other factions.

Armored Core 6 Missions List

Here are all the missions in Armored Core 6:

Chapter 1

  • Illegal Entry
  • Destroy Artillery Installations
  • Grid 135 Cleanup
  • Destroy the Transport Helicopters
  • Destroy the Tester AC
  • Attack the Dam Complex
  • Mining Ship Takedown
  • Operation Wallclimber
  • Retrieve Combat Logs
  • Investigate BAWS Arsenal No. 2
  • Attack the Watchpoint

Chapter 2

  • Infiltrate Grid 086
  • Eliminate the Doser Faction
  • Ocean Crossing

Chapter 3

  • Steal the Survey Data
  • Attack the Refueling Base
  • Eliminate V.VII
  • Tunnel Sabatoge
  • Survey the Uninhabited Floating City
  • Heavy Missile Launch Support
  • Eliminate the Enforcement Squad (Decision Mission)
  • Destroy the Special Forces Craft (Decision Mission)
  • Attack the Old Spaceport
  • Eliminate “Honest” Brute
  • Defend the Old Spaceport
  • Historic Data Recovery
  • Destroy the Ice Worm

Chapter 4

  • Underground Exploration – Depth 1
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 2
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 3
  • Intercept the Redguns (Decision Mission)
  • Ambush the Vespers (Decision Mission)
  • Unknown Territory Survey
  • Reach the Coral Convergence

Chapter 5

  • Escape
  • Intercept the Corporate Forces (Decision Mission)
    • Breach the Karman Line
    • Destroy the Drive Block
  • Eliminate “Cinder” Carla (Decision Mission)
    • Shut Down the Closure Satellites
    • Bring down the Xylem

New Game+ Missions

  • Attack the Dam Complex
  • Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech
  • Defend Dam Complex

New Game++ Missions

  • Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship
  • Prisoner Rescue
  • Obstruct the Mandatory Inspection
  • Attack the Watchpoint
  • Stop the Secret Data Breach
  • Survey the Uninhabited Floating City
  • Coral Export Denial
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 2
  • Eliminate V.III
  • Unknown Territory Survey
  • Reach the Coral Convergeance
  • MIA
  • Regain Control of the Xylem
  • Coral Release

How Armored Core 6 missions work is that they’re split by Decision Missions. Once you pick one Decision Mission, you won’t be able to play through the other, at least until a New Game Plus. Many “Alternative Missions” are also exclusive to New Game Plus playthroughs so you’ll have to come back for them only after beating the game.

That about covers how many chapters there are in Armored Core 6 and the missions list you’ll be going through to complete the game.