Armored Core 6 Coop Multiplayer: How to Play With Friends

Armored Core VI coop multiplayer cover image

Does Armored Core 6 have coop multiplayer? While multiplayer has always been part of the Armored Core DNA, it’s been a while since FromSoftware made a new one. Players are curious to tackle story missions with their friends so coop multiplayer would be a much welcomed featured.

Is There Armored Core 6 Coop Multiplayer?

Armored Core 6 will not feature coop multiplayer in the game’s main story missions. While there is PvP that pits players against each other in 1v1 or even in groups of 3v3, you cannot join or have anyone join you for cooperative play.

This was commented on by Masaru Yamamura who spoke of wanting to focus the story mode as a “single-player” experience. Having a coop partner might break some immersion of the story developing and playing out the way the developers intended. There is a versus planned outside of the story.

Like previous Armored Core titles, VI does have multiplayer. Just not cooperative play in story missions. Instead you’ll be building your own mech and battling it out against other players in an arena. There are group fights as well, so you can technically cooperate with other players to fight against another team but it’s still in PVP.

Additionally PVP isn’t unlocked by default in Armored Core 6. You have to unlock it by beating the 14th mission “Ocean Crossing” which will then unlock the NEST online battle simulator which you can access via the Garage. You can choose to fight 1v1 or in 3v3 by taking your own customized mecha against other players.