Armored Core 6: Emblems and Decals Guide

Armored Core VI emblem decal cover image

The customization in Armored Core 6 is highly extensive even allowing you to make your own emblems to display your mecha. These decals add a touch of personalization and let’s you truly feel that the mecha you’ve worked so hard to make is your own. Create your own ideal emblem in AC6 so your enemies know who exactly they’re dealing with.

How to Make Your Own Emblem in Armored Core 6?

You can make your own emblem by heading to the Garage where you customize your mecha. By selecting the AC Design, you can then head into Image Editor which lets you craft your own unique emblem that you can equip as a decal.

Armored Core 6 gives you a lot of freedom to make your own emblem. There are a variety of different shapes and images that you can combine in Image Editor for your own unique emblem or draw one completely from scratch. You can then save this emblem in the Image Library and then equip it.

If you’re doing this on PC, then you can use Steam to “pin a note” and then turn it transparent when making emblems. Once you pasted the image into a note, you can readjust the transparency to whatever you need it to be. This allows you to line up shapes a lot easier.

What’s great is that you can also share the emblem you’ve made online for others to use. By pressing triangle or Y on your controller while in the Image Editor menu, you can upload your emblem online. You’ll be given a 12-digit Share ID code that other players can use to import your emblem.

How to Import Emblems in Armored Core 6?

In the AC Design menu, go to Image Editor and then head over to the Downloads tab. Press on the download icon and a textbox will appear where you can input a 12-digit Share ID code that will import a custom emblem made by other players to your library.

It’s important to note that the 12-digit Share ID code is platform-locked. So you can’t download or import emblems made on platforms you’re not playing Armored Core 6 on. Additionally, the Downloads tab will not appear unless you’re connected to the internet.

How to Apply Emblems in Armored Core 6?

Go to Garage and select AC Design. Select the Decals option and you’ll be able to apply any emblems inside your library. This includes emblems you’ve made or imported online.

You can put in more than one decal at a time. You’re even able to edit what size and in which position you want to place the decal in. The customization in Armored Core 6

How to Change Emblems in Armored Core 6?

Go to the Garage menu and then press Triangle or Y button to “Display License Menu.” You can then select an emblem from your Library to display which will then be seen on your Mercenary profile.

Even without making your own emblem or importing one online, AC6 already gives you a lot emblems by default to choose from. However you’ll be a lot more recognizable with your own personal and unique emblem.