Armored Core 6 OS Tuning and Best Upgrades

This guide talks about the OS Tuning feature and the best upgrades to get in Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6 OS Tuning cover

OS Tuning is one of the features in Armored Core 6 that allows players to further improve different stats of their ACs and get a better customized build that suits their needs and play style. Read ahead as we talk more about OS Tuning and share the best upgrades based build types in Armored Core 6.

How to unlock OS Tuning

OS Tuning will be unlocked along with the Arena after completing Chapter 1, Mission 9: Retrieve Combat Logs.

How to use OS Tuning

Once unlocked, OS Tuning will allow further tuning of several stats of an AC< as well as unlock special abilities. All base abilities will be available right away, but they still have to be unlocked with the use of OST Chips. These OST Chips can be obtained from completing arena challenges and missions and serve as currency in unlocking OS Tuning upgrades.

Different OS Tuning upgrades cost different amounts of OST Chips, and some of them can be further upgraded into higher tiers that provide higher amounts of boosts and perks, with each tier costing more OST Chips.

Respeccing in OS Tuning is possible and it costs COAM; the more OS Tuning upgrades that you want to respec, the higher the cost will be.

OS Tuning upgrades are categorized into three: System Unlocks, Core Expansions, and Attack Control:

  • System Unlocks affect the general gameplay by unlocking abilities and certain features.
  • Core Expansions affect the core defenses and armors of ACs.
  • Attack Control affect weapon performance and other gear performance.

Best OS Tuning Upgrades in Armored Core 6

Since OS Tuning upgrades require chips to be unlocked, knowing the best upgrades to allocate them on will improve the playing experience, not to mention that it will also make the challenges in each mission more manageable.

For starters, it’s best to get all of the upgrades and abilities under System Unlocks (except for Manual Aiming, unless you want the challenge):

  • Boost Kick: Unlocks the ability to perform a Boost Kick. Boost Kicks hit with heavy impact by combining the speed of an Assault Boost with the sheer weight of the AC.
  • Weapon Bay: Unlocks the Weapon Bay feature for AC shoulders, allowing up to four hand weapons to be equipped.
  • Weight Control: Unlocks the ability to sortie when AC is overburdened and to manually purge weapons. Purging weapons reduces weight load and improves speed.
  • Quick Turn: Unlocks the Quick Turn feature, allowing the AC to perform snap turns to side or rear directions.

It’s also recommended to have a bit more focus on the defensive upgrades, especially when you are just learning about the gameplay and acclimating with its difficulty:

  • Assault Armor: Unlocks Core Expansion: Assault Armor and allows it to be installed. Assault Armor creates a pulse explosion centered on the AC, canceling out incoming enemy fire and creating a damaging area-of-effect shockwave.
  • Pulse Armor: Unlocks Core Expansion: Pulse Armor and allows it to be installed. Pulse Armor creates a pulse barrier that trails the AC, dramatically increasing defensive performance until it exceeds its durability or time limit.
  • ACS – Dynamic Deflection Control Tuning: Improves the precision of ACS-based bracing posture control, reducing damage received from enemy attacks.
  • Repair Kits – Optimization: Improves the AC’s ability to scan for damage, boosting the effectiveness of Repair Kits.

As for the offensive side, this would depend more on preference, gameplay, and the type of enemies that you will be facing in missions. Here are some of the more general upgrades to get:

  • Melee Weapons – Drive Control Tuning: Optimizes drive control of AC and weapons to enhance all sources of melee damage.
  • Direct Hit Modifier – Damage Tuning: Improves the precision of attacks against staggered enemies, increasing damage dealt by direct hits.