Atlas Fallen PS5 Installation File Size Revealed

It'll be easy peasy to download this game.

A new report has revealed the Atlas Fallen PS5 installation file size and it is quite encouraging.

Various AAA PS5 titles have made players moan due to the sheer size of their installation sizes. They are forced to upgrade their storage devices for the consoles to gain more space while others are forced to delete old games to give space for new ones. Since some countries have a fast online connection and the SSD is fast, it is easier to redownload the deleted games again if they want to play them. For Atlas Fallen, players might not want to delete any old games for this.

Atlas Fallen Installation Size

According to Twitter user PlayStation Game Size, Atlas Fallen has an installation file size of only 21 GB on PS5. It will be an easy and fast download for players who will be buying this game when it launches later next month, August 10, 2023. It would be easy to assume that other platforms will also have the same file size when downloaded.

Compared to recent AAA titles like Diablo 4 and Final Fantasy XVI, Atlas Fallen has a way lesser installation size, which would be a perfect game to leave alone in the storage space.

Atlas Fallen launches on August 10, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.