Atlas Fallen Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

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Atlas Fallen is the latest game from developer Deck13 Interactive and publisher Focus Entertainment. The best way we can describe is that it is a crossover between God of War 2016 with Devil May Cry combat. Unfortunately, there are hints of Ubisoft world-building at work. We hope that the traversal system is fun at least.

In this Atlas Fallen trophy guide, we’ll tell you some things you need to be aware of ahead of its release next month. We will update this article as soon as we get our hands on the game itself but for right now, there’s enough information to piece together based on what we know of the game.

There are a total of 37 trophies to collect in the game. Most of the trophies are tied to story progression while a good chuck goes to exploring the world and hunting different kinds of Wraiths. The typical fare for most action games today.

Atlas Fallen Trophy List

Atlas Fallen Platinum Trophy

  • Atlas Fallen: Unlock all trophies

Atlas Fallen Gold Trophies

  • Slayer: Slay all Elite Wraiths
  • Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds: Collect all armours
  • All There Is: Unlock and fully upgrade all perks
  • All That Gold: Collect all treasure maps AND discover their treasure

Altas Fallen Silver Trophies

  • Godslayer: Finish the game
  • Clear Sight: Clear all watchtowers in the game
  • Forgemaster: Find all anvils
  • Shardbearer: Collect all upgrade shards
  • Shatterer: Kill 50 Wraiths by shattering them
  • Flawless Victory: Kill a Colossal Wraith without taking damage
  • False God: Destroy all Heavenly Shrines
  • Miner: Kill a Scatterer with its own mines
  • Feeling Fancy: Find all cosmetic items
  • Summiter: Find 20 vantage points

Atlas Fallen Bronze Trophies

  • Break Out: Complete the Sand Sliding path
  • Find Allies: Discover the Knights’ hideout
  • Powerful Allies: Gain the Knights’ trust
  • Calm Before the Storm: Enter the Black Alms
  • To Battle: Interrupt Thelos’ ritual
  • A Taste of Wraith: Defeat the Watcher’s Fury for the first time
  • The Mentor: Find the prisoner and talk to him in the Wildlands
  • Trinity: Get all weapons
  • Adventurer: Sand Slide 42.195 KM in total
  • Airborne: Stay in the air for 60 seconds in one go
  • Tributes of Caladrias: Collect 10,000 Tributes in total
  • Essence Blow: Shatter with a full Momentum Gauge
  • Shatter Them All: Shatter 4 Wraiths at the same time
  • Big Bazar: Find the Travelling Vendor in at least 6 different spots
  • Geared Up: Unlock the third and final upgrade of an armour
  • Fashion Victim: Dye and armour for the first time
  • Scholar: Collect 30 lore items
  • I Found It: Collect a treasure map by following an animal
  • Alchemist: Upgrade an Essence Stone to Rank 7
  • Stone Collection: Own 25 Essence Stones
  • The Collector: Collect 50 sellable artefacts in total
  • A Queen’s Tale: Find the Queen’s recorded memories

Aside from all the collecting and treasure hunting, there’s not much to say about the combat trophies except for the ones that involve Wraiths and their different iterations. For instance, the Flawless Victory Silver trophy. Depending on how hard a fight with a Colossal Wraith is going to be, you may want to fully upgrade all weapons, armors, and perks before taking on the beast.

There is a reason why the Trinity is a Bronze trophy. The game features three main weapons: the Doom Cleaver, the Sand Whip, and the Knuckle Dust. Though you have access to more weapons via the Gauntlet’s mid-combo transformations, you can only equip two of the three main weapons at a time.

We assume that there going to be far more armor pieces to collect in the game considering that the Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds is a Gold trophy.

Interestingly enough, sand sliding is the main mode of travel in this world. From the player data we know right now, the Adventurer Bronze trophy shouldn’t take too long to get. The whole planet has been reduced to a desert, after all. It would make sense that sand traversal is the best way to get around. (If no other modes of transport exist.)

We’re guessing that the Airborne Bronze trophy has something to do with air combos. If there’s something that allows us to reset our combos mid-air or an attack that lets us float in the air longer, that will a long way to getting this trophy. And of course, there’s the Sand Whip. We don’t suppose we can pull enemies to our location to beat them to a pulp while in the air.

And finally, we’re going to talk about the Summiter Silver trophy. We got a bad feeling about this one. It asks us to find 20 vantage points. But nowhere does it say that there are only going to be 20 of them in the game. We think that there’s going to be more vantage points to find.

And that’s everything we have for this Atlas Fallen trophy guide. There are many more things about the game we don’t have information yet, particularly the amount of collectibles there are to collect. We will update this article once we have that piece of information. In the meantime, happy hunting trophy hunters.

Atlas Fallen is set to release on August 10, 2023, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam, Epic Games, and GOG)

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