How Long to Beat Atlas Fallen

Open world games like Atlas Fallen are expected to be pretty long and drawn out. When you have so many things to do in an open sandbox, you’re pretty much going to be spending a bit of time. The question is how long. We made this guide to show you how long it till take to beat Atlas Fallen.

How Long is Atlas Fallen?

It’ll take around 10 to 15 hours to beat Atlas Fallen on average. Doing the main story quests and completing side quests will take you around that long.

Atlas Fallen may seem to be on the smaller end of open world games. 15 hours for an average playthrough is enough to complete its main campaign. You could finish it faster if you play on lower difficulties or if you’re playing with a friend to help you out in multiplayer coop.

Completionists seeking to 100% Atlas Fallen will take longer. Possibly adding 10 more hours to your overall playtime. Playing on harder difficulties will also take you more time as enemies will be more challenging to beat. You can read our Atlas Fallen review for our thoughts on the game.

How Many Main Story Quests Are in Atlas Fallen?

There are 13 main story quests in Atlas Fallen, not including the side quests you can take from NPCs. Here they are in order:

  • The Essence of Caravan
  • Away From the Sun’s Eye
  • The Path to Bastengar
  • Reforging the Gauntlet
  • From Beliefs to Trust
  • The City of the Sun
  • A Bridge from the Past
  • The City of the Sun (Part 2)
  • The City of the Sun (Part 3)
  • The Power to Reach Thelos
  • A Source in the Swamp
  • A Source in the Ruins
  • The Battle of Gods