Atlus Asks Fans Through A Survey If They Want A New IP Or Persona 6

Just recently, Atlus sent out an extensive survey that asked its fans if they want the next Persona installment to be on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, or any other platforms.

According to the report made by DualShockers, the questionnaire was in Japanese and that there were “interesting” points. Atlus asked its fans if they want a different kind of game: may it be a board game, a fighting game, an online game, strategy, and any other genres for that matter or they want Persona 6.

The choices for the question even included systems we want the game to release which included PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, PSVR, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and mobile phones.

While the survey link is apparently dead, and there’s no way to prove that this survey even happened, we can just hope that the next Persona game will be on Nintendo Switch and other platforms for everyone to experience one of the most compelling JRPGs of all time. You can read our Persona 5 review right here.

If there’s any progress with this story, and if we can also get a possible screenshot of the survey, we will update the story accordingly.

Source: DualShocker