Atomic Heart First Expansion Officially Revealed

Just one of the four DLCs coming!

Focus Entertainment and Mundfish have revealed the Atomic Heart first expansion Annihilation Instinct.

Atomic Heart DLC First DLC Annihilation Instinct Details

After the main game’s events, the first expansion will pick up after the ending. This will be the first of the four planned DLC packs. This DLC is included in the game’s Atomic Pass which costs $39.99. It is also part of the Atomic Heart’s Gold and Premium Editions.

“Prepare to embark on a journey through the new mind-bending Mendeleev Complex and its surrounding swamps and discover the truth about NORA as Major P-3 is pulled back into Facility 3826,” says the game description.

“Survive vicious, shape-shifting new enemies and take them down using two cunning new weapons – ranged one the Secateur and melee one the Klusha – as well as your glove’s new Techno-Stasis ability, allowing you to manipulate time itself.

“Meet a new enigmatic character, as well as returning ones in surprising circumstances and dive deep into the AI’s insanity to curb its Annihilation Instinct.”

Free Update Adds New Game Plus Mode

Aside from the DLC announcement, the developers announced that a free Atomic Heart update had been released. It introduces a New Game Plus mode for players to enjoy.

“In the most difficult game mode yet, players will need all of their previously unlocked skills and arsenal to deal with the strongest enemies Atomic Heart has ever unleashed, thanks to their new specific resistances and attack effects, which will be reflected in the different colors of the enemies’ aura.”

Atomic Heart is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Press Release