Autumn Wind God Roll Guide For PvP & PvE

The Autumn Wind could be the next great Crucible weapon

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If you’ve played the Crucible for any amount of time, you know that every season we get that one weapon that drops like candy. For Season of Defiance, it’s the refurbished Autumn Wind Pulse Rifle. And hey, if you’re already getting them to drop constantly might as know the god rolls for the versatile gun.

Autumn Wind is Rapid-Fire Frame Pulse Rifle. It is comparable to Piece of Mind in many ways with good base stats but with above average perk pool. The Piece of Mind does have the advantage of having a better zone but that doesn’t mean the Autumn Wind can’t compete with it. It certainly makes up for it with its great pool of perks.

Autumn Wind Base Stats

The weapon comes with the following base stats:

  • Impact: 23
  • Range: 32
  • Stability: 47
  • Handling: 25
  • Reload Speed: 34
  • Aim Assistance: 80
  • Airborne Effectiveness: 15
  • Zoom: 17
  • Rounds Per Minute: 540
  • Magazine: 37

The base stats look pretty good. But it is in this weapon’s perk pool that this weapon is going to truly shine. But before all that, we should talk about which 1st and 2nd perks you want to get for this gun as well the Masterwork.

For the first column, you really want to have Smallbore. Any other barrel with recoil control and stability will do. But you will have to play around with them more if it’s not Smallbore. Arrowhead Brake is another great choice, but it’ll require you to get closer than usual.

As for the second column, Ricochet Rounds is what you want to have for a magazine perk. High-Caliber Rounds are a good second choice for more flinch against fellow Guardians.

The Autumn Wind can benefit from either a Range or Stability Masterwork. Being a pulse rifle, do keep in mind that stability is going to be more meaningful for recoil control between bursts.

Autumn Wind PvE God Roll

The Autumn Wind isn’t that great for PvE. However, it does have a few perks that will come in handy if you play a certain style.

Third Column:

  • Demolitionist – Kills gets you grenade energy. Tossing a grenade instantly reloads the weapon.
  • Pugilist – Great perk for melee-focused builds

Fourth Column:

  • Adrenaline Junkie – A damage perk that becomes more potent with kills from the weapon and with ability grenades.
  • Multikill Clip/Swashbuckler – This two are great for ad clear purposes. Either one gets the job done. But Swashbuckler gets more value when paired with melee final blows.

If you’re running a grenade build, I advise a roll with Demolitionist + Adrenaline Junkie. If you’re running Tripwire Grenades as a Solar Hunter, this is a must-have combo.

Demolitionist and Pugilist help you get energy for your grenade and powered melee respectively. Pair this up with a kill perk in the fourth column like Multikill Clip or Swashbuckler for more damage.

Focused Fury can work occasionally but it’s hard to recommend the perk on a pulse, even a rapid pulse. But if you can make it work, why not? But know that Vorpal Weapon is in the same column and it can come into play against Guardians in their Super.

Autumn Wind PvP God Roll

The perfect Autumn Wind god roll in PvP is hard to narrow down with a weapon that has so many perks to choose from. But the Autumn Wind accommodates a lot of playstyles in the Crucible.

Third Column:

  • Rangefinder – Always great to have, especially on a rapid-fire pulse. This makes controlling the recoil a little easier and it pairs great with the weapon’s immaculate sights.
  • Heating Up – Another great pulse rifle perk. It grants 15 Stability and 20 Recoil Direction and decreases Accuracy Cone Growth after a kill for about 5 seconds.
  • Tunnel Vision – This perk is perfect if you prefer going in and out of scope in rapid succession. The increased target acquisition comes in clutch for close encounters.
  • Killing Wind – If you’re more into running and gunning, Killing Wind’s got your back It gives you buffs in mobility, weapon range, and handling for 5 seconds. Stacks of this caps at 8 seconds. Plenty of time to get another kill.
  • Perpetual Motion – If want an always active perk that doesn’t require kills to active, then this one’s what you should aim for. By constantly moving, you get stacks of Stability, Handling, and Reload Speed. Keep moving for 10 seconds and it’s a +20 in all those stats.
  • Slideways – This is the perk you want to rock if you love sliding into corners and gunfights. Simply slide before pulling the trigger and you’ll reload a portion of the magazine and +20 in Stability and Handling.
  • Elemental Capacitor – This highly depends on the subclass you’re running. If you’re considering using this perk, it’s best paired with Void for that permanent +20 Stability.

Fourth Column:

  • Headseeker – My personal recommendation. Every since the buff to this perk, it has been a beast in all sorts of activities. This makes it so that your shots are more forgiving and the eventual headshot is almost guaranteed to be fatal.
  • Moving Target – If you’re looking for an always active perk while aiming down sights, you can’t go wrong with Moving Target.
  • Multikill Clip – Reloading after a kill will give your weapon a 17% damage increase. 3 rapid kills increase up to 50% after reloading.

The main gameplay loop when it comes to PvP is to have third-column perks to get buff while feeding into fourth-column perks. It’s a deadly chaining combo that will leave a lot of downed Guardians in its wake if done correctly.

A possible god roll would be Killing Wind + Multikill Clip. You can leverage maximum effectiveness by rushing down kills and then only reloading after one or two kills for a fraction of the TTK at longer ranges.

This weapon’s got such an amazing perk pool. But I’d advise not choosing favorites yet until you reset ranks and get the ability to get more perk choices in your gun. But if get a roll that you can’t live without, by all means, Masterwork it and save a spot for it in your vault.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Autumn Wind god roll. Good luck and have fun out there, Guardians.

Check out this video from Youtuber Roger where he reviews the Autumn Wind pulse rifle and suggests a few rolls for the weapon.

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