Avatar Generations Soft Launch Happening This Month

Experience the whole journey again with Aang and the gang!

It was recently confirmed that the new open world RPG based on a popular cartoon series titled Avatar Generations will be making a soft launch soon.

According to media outlet IGN, Avatar Generations will be making a soft launch this month. It will be open world RPG and based on the popular cartoon series Avatar The Last Airbender. It will be exclusive to mobile devices only.

This is being developed by Square Enix London Mobile and Navigator Games. It will be a free-to-play game that will follow the stories of the cartoon series’ protagonists: Zuko, Toph, Katara, Sokka, and Aang. They will be travelling the world and possibly recreating the original three seasons of the TV series.

The mobile game will feature squad-based battles, a deep upgrade and party customization system, and the ability to recruit new heroes. Future DLC will expand the Avatar universe, which will explore the stores of previous and future avatars like Roku, Korra, and Kiyoshi.

The soft launch of Avatar Generations will happen this month and only in a few territories for now like Denmark, Canada, South Africa, and Sweden. It will be available on Android and iOS with more territories to get added in the coming months.