Azur Lane Tower of Transcendence Event Live Now

Includes 5 New Iron Blood Ships, Skins, and more

Publisher Yostar is launching the fourth Iron Blood major event, Tower of Transcendence, for its Naval Shoot ‘Em up mobile game, Azur Lane. The events starts from December 29th, 2021 and ends on January 12th, 2022.

The update will feature five new shipgirls, including one Ultra Rare character. On top of this, the Tower of Transcendence event also brings new outfits, portrait frames, furniture set, and multiple rewards.

Four mini-events are introduced in Tower of Transcendence update. Players who complete these events missions would receive different rewards such as free characters, skin, and furniture pieces.

Don’t forget that players who participate in the Fireworks Workshop mini-event can obtain a free limited character, Z28.

The Afternoon Impromptu skin for the character Southampton is redeemable in the Manjuu Curling after completing the event. Furniture Pieces “Model Royal Navy Teahouse” and “Model Iron Blood Café” can also be acquired in the Tonic and Tea mini-event. Meanwhile, through the Blessing and New Year’s Invitation 2022 event, players can get “New Year’s Invitation (New Year 2022)”, which could be used to redeem one of the 7 Super Rare shipgirls: Illustrious,  Le Malin,  Victorious,  Tirpitz,  Essex,  Shoukaku or Zuikaku.

Players also can fully limit break the event characters and complete missions using Call to Arms: Iron Blood phase 1 characters (Prinz Eugen, Peter Strasser, Tirpitz, U-47) to obtain enough points to receive the limited portrait frame, Mark of Transcendence.

Five new shipgirls show up as Iron Blood members. The Ultra Rare shipgirl from the Iron Blood faction, Ulrich von Hutten, can fire a special barrage and inflict a speed debuff to enemies. Her skill can also increase Crit Damage dealt by Iron Blood ships, as well as decrease her faction’s damage taken.

Two Super Rare characters Prinz Adalbert and Magdeburg together with two Elite characters Elbe and U-1206 will begin their journey in Tower of Transcendence. Most characters can be obtained through the construction pool, where Ulrich von Hutten,  Prinz Adalberti, and Elbe have rate up. Players can also exchange for Magdeburg in the event shop or obtain her as a drop in event maps.

Finally, in this update, the newly added furniture set is Port Café, letting your shipgirls to have a deep relaxation after battles. Resource supply packs will also be available for purchase.

Up to 20 new maid-themed skins go live including 3 Live2D ones, “Yes, Your Maidness” for Queen Elizabeth, “Mayhem Maid” for Ulrich von Hutten, and “After-Hours Service” for Prinz Adalbert. Players can earn 2 rental outfit vouchers when they log in to Azur Lane during the event. Each voucher can be used on the following skins: Ulrich von Hutten – Mayhem Maid (L2D), Prinz Adalbert – After-Hours Service (L2D), Howe – Pastry Princess.

Azur Lane is already available on Android and iOS.

Source: Press Release

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