Back 4 Blood November Update Officially Unlocks All Characters and More

No more playing online to unlock all characters with this new update!

Turtle Rock Studios has released the Back 4 Blood November update and it has unleashed tons of fixes, improvements, and more.

In a new developer update by the game studio, the November update offers a lot of bug fixes including the fix of a bug that the Specials would duplicate their spawn cards, compounding as players progressed through levels, which made it more difficult to complete. This overwhelmed the Cleaner teams and got them wiped out a lot of times. More fixes will be done in future patches as they uncover more into these spawning issues to smoothen the gaming experience.

back 4 blood november update

The update introduces a lot of quality of life changes, which makes it easier for players. It is noted that some players have found the update quite helpful and the gameplay experience was now more enjoyable and not punishing.

Check out some of these changes below:

  • All Cleaners are now immediately available to use. Players are no longer required to finish the The Devil’s Return – The Crossing campaign chapter to unlock Doc, Karlee, Hoffman, and Jim
  • Completing any campaign chapter now unlocks all previous chapters
  • In-Game Voice Chat can now be disabled in the Audio Options
  • Added mute icon to HUD for players with voice chat off or who have been muted
  • First Time User Experience now sends players directly to Fort Hope
  • Additional post-round statistics added for Swarm PvP 
  • Added a “Mute All” button to the scoreboard in Swarm PvP
  • First aid cabinets now show a preview of how much health they heal
  • Players now recover health while inside Fort Hope
  • This change does not affect players in the shooting range
  • Added the /all message command allowing players to send messages to the Global Chat Channel

There have been changes to the campaign as well. The Solo Campaign is not called that anymore and has been replaced as Training. This means this mode will offer all deck cards for players to try out in campaign with bots without other players bothering them.

For those who want to know more details about the patch notes, the full details can be read here.

Future updates will further improve the game, give more quality of life changes, bug fixes, new characters and more. Check out the details here.

Back 4 Blood is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.