Back 4 Blood Will Not Get Future Content Anymore

Time to say goodbye Cleaners.

Turtle Rock Studios has made it official: Back 4 Blood will not get any more content in the future.

The studio has recently released a new announcement on its official Twitter account, revealing its plans for the future. The developers are planning for another project and seem to be finally letting go of Back 4 Blood for good. This means, there will be no newer content that will be introduced to the game after this announcement.

This does not mean that the developers are stopping supporting the game. Support will continue for maintenance, and the developers can be contacted via Subreddit and Discord. They are also available on social media and the official website for those who want to contact them.

back 4 blood

Now, Turtle Rock Studios will be focusing all of its efforts on developing another game. The post does not reveal the title or any other detail, but they are currently working on it. They will be quieter this time around on social media but they can still be contacted.

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