Balan Wonderworld Chapter 4, 5 and 6 Detailed

balan wonderworld

Game company Square Enix recently shared new details about the new chapters for upcoming video game Balan Wonderworld.

There are three chapters that were detailed today. These are Chapter Four: The Boy Who Would be One with the Wind, Chapter 5: The Lady Filled with Avian Adoration, and Chapter 6: The Girl and the Kitten.

Chapter 4 focuses on Chang Haoyu and what plagues his heart. He is a boy who dreams of flying through the sky. He is constantly trying to fly over and over again by making a flying machine out from bicycles that he modified. They all end in failure and that creates monsters like the Worville Wright.

There are five costumes that can be used in this chapter. These are:

  • Soaring Sheep – Allows players to fluff up their body and float away.
  • Aero Acrobat – Bat costume that allows players to soar through the sky. Aim at the target and press the button to unleash a string of kicks to balloons and enemies.
  • Laser Launcher – Robot costume that shoots laser from its chest. Lasers can be used to break blocks and flip switches
  • Box Fox – Fox costume to transform into an invincible iron box. Slide along at speed while transformed to smash into objects
  • Happy Horn – Use at stages during travels to see a surprise.

Chapter 5 features Sana Hudson, a woman who spends her life watching over the birds and the forest. One day the land developers threaten her beloved forest. Cuckoos are born from Sana’s heart that embody Sana’s warped emotions. It throws eggs and uses its long tongue to fling next boxes. Her world is a lush forest full of nature and living creatures.

There are five costumes that can be used here as well:

  • Guardian Bird – Bird costume that allows players to do fire wind attack during mid jump or repel tornadoes.
  • Lickshot Lizard – Chameleon costume with a long tongue. Use the tongue at a lickshot seed to launch the character to where the seed is.
  • Lucky Egg – Chick costume wearing an eggshell. Has the power to draw in nearby items, but the shell gets broken easily.
  • Sickle Slayer – Praying mantis costume that throws boomerang scythes at enemies.
  • Hothead – Fiery torch costume that light torches and fuses when players jump up to them.

Chapter 6 features Cass Milligan who meets a kitten in town. She notices the kitten trying to cross a busy road one day and is plunged into anxiety. Purrla is the being that lurks in Cass’ heart and embodies her warped emotions. It can launch a rocket punch and can control time with the clock on her stomach. Cass’ world is filled with mechanisms full of gears.

Like the others, there are also five costumes to use:

  • Gear Prince – Gear costume that moves machinery. Spin switches with the gear on the stomach to operate machinery.
  • Pumpkin Puncher – Pumpkin costume that allows players to shoot a rocket punch. Shoot repeatedly to increase range.
  • Pounding Duck – Elegant duck costume that allows hip drop attack when jumping to destroy blocks or defeat enemies.
  • Air Cat – Kitten costume that allows air dash in mid-air.
  • Chrono Bunny – Rabbit costume that can allow players to enter time portals and move freely around a world frozen in time.

Balan Wonderworld to launch on March 26, 2021. It will be available on PlayStation 4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

Source: Press Release

Here are the trailers for each chapter: