Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Gale Build Guide [Updated]

Make use of our Gale Build Guide, which introduces the Cleric Wizard Multiclass for the best offense and defense in one character.

Baldur's Gate 3 Best Gale Build Guide Updated

Gale is one of the ten Baldur’s Gate 3 companions you can recruit or one of the six origin characters you can play as. As a human wizard, he’s an intelligence-based character with a lot of potential for powerful builds centered around spells that can utterly demolish enemies. With the ability to multiclass, making the best Gale build just became a lot more complicated.

Whether you’re playing as him or having him as a companion, Gale can be extremely powerful with the right choices. As such, use this guide to make the best Gale build in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Updated as of November 3, 2023

Best Gale Build: Cleric Wizard Multiclass

In BG3, our best Gale build makes use of both the Wizard and Cleric classes to maximize their synergy. By taking one level in wizard and eleven levels in cleric, you can utilize the full potential of level 6 cleric spells and level 6 wizard spells, thanks to wizards’ ability to learn spells from scrolls based on their caster level rather than their wizard level. This strategy also lets you take advantage of the cleric’s strong defense, health, and other class advantages.

Best Gale Ability Score

Best Gale Ability Score BG3
  • Strength – 8
  • Dexterity – 10
  • Constitution – 16
  • Intelligence – 17
  • Wisdom – 14
  • Charisma – 8

Gale benefits most from spending ability points on Intelligence to 17, as doing so boosts spell efficiency. The build’s secondary allocation should slightly be on Dexterity (10), since it allows for greater Armor Class while staying proficient in clothing. To improve our health and thus our chances of surviving, you also want to raise your Constitution to 16.

Best Gale Skill Proficiencies

Best Gale Skill Proficiencies BG3

For a solo character, opting for stealth can be highly advantageous, as it’s undoubtedly the most potent skill in any combat situation. In a party with Gale, think about choosing perception if he’s not actively participating in conversations. However, starting with Sleight of Hand, Arcana, History, Investigation, and Insight would be a solid foundation.

Best Gale Subclass

Best Gale Subclass BG3

Since Cleric is one of the main focus of this Gale build, you should definitely go with destructive features and pick Tempest Domain. If you’re a Cleric and you want the best spell list, regardless of whether or not you plan on casting damaging spells, you should level up in the Tempest Domain.

With the Destructive Wrath subclass feature, your wizard will be able to make better use of lightning spells. This allows it to do massive damage at the Tempest Cleric level cap.

Best Gale Level Progression [1-12]

As Gale levels up, he’ll gain access to new cantrips, feats, and powerful spells. Here’s our recommendation on what to pick per level:

Gale level 1 (Wizard level 1)

At level 1, Wizard, Gale’s default class, is the best option due to its intellect saving proficiency. In addition, your Wizard spells will now appear before your Cleric spells on the character sheet. Since you plan on casting wizard spells more frequently, this will make things easier.

Recommended Cantrips

  • Firebolt
  • Mage Hand
  • Minor Illusion

Recommended Spells

  • Witch Bolt
  • Shield
  • Grease
  • Magic Missile
  • Longstrider
  • Enhanced Leap

Gale level 2 (Cleric level 1)

Next, add 1 level to the Cleric class and you’ll unlock Domains (Subclass) Deity, and 3 Prepare Spells.

Recommended Cantrips

  • Guidance
  • Resistance
  • Sacred Flame

Recommended Subclass

Recommended Deity

  • Selune

Recommended Prepared Spells

  • Bless
  • Healing Word
  • Create or Destroy Water

In this Gale Build, it doesn’t matter much which deity you worship, but playing as a cleric who worships Selune opens up a lot of interesting role-playing options.

If you’re in a party and you’re still learning the ropes, “Bless” is one of the best actions you can take as it keeps your focus up and makes your concentration spells more effective. Include the “Healing Word” spell, which lets spellcasters heal nearby comrades. “Create or Destroy Water” is great if you’re in a party as it serves multiple purposes. It can be used in creative ways to cause problems for one’s enemies.

Gale Level 3 (Cleric level 2)

Gale Level 3 (Cleric level 2) features - BG3 Best Gale Build

Destructive Wrath, unlocked at Cleric level 2, amps up the power of our lightning spells. If you combine “Create or Destroy Water” and “Destructive Wrath,” your wizard’s lightning spells will deal double the normal damage. and as a Tempest Cleric, we have access to the dominant Heavy Armor.

Gale Level 4 (Cleric level 3)

Here, you can pick up more advanced cleric spells as well as advanced wizard spells. At level 3 cleric, we’re only one level behind on cleric spell progression in addition to wizard spell progression.

Gale Level 4 (Cleric level 3) - BG3 Best Gale Build

Recommended Additional Prepared Spells

  • Spiritual Weapon
  • Cure wounds

Gaining access to “Spiritual Weapon” at Gale level 4 is the most crucial spell, as it is a very powerful action that summons a unit that the enemy will spend their turns attempting to kill. Combine it with the healing power of “Cure Wounds” to restore health to any touchable creature or unit.

Gale Level 5 (Cleric level 4)

At Cleric level 4, you get to choos 1 additional Cantrip and Feat.

Recommended Cantrip

  • Thaumaturgy

Prepared Spells

  • Guiding Bolt
  • Shield of Faith
  • Inflict Wounds
  • Cure Wounds
  • Protection From Poison
  • Prayer of Healing

Recommended Feat

  • Ability Improvement (+2 Intelligence)

You can choose the Ability Improvement Feat and add 2 Intelligence to increase damage output. In addition, choosing one transmutation cantrip for the party could be useful. Thaumaturgy is the ideal option, as you gain an advantage on intimidation and performance checks.

Gale Level 6 (Cleric level 5)

Gale Level 6 (Cleric level 5) - BG3 Best Gale Build

At Cleric level 5, you get access to the Destroy Undead class feature. When you use Turn on an undead creature, it takes additional radiant damage. You also get access to Domain Spells for Level 3. You also unlock level 3 domain spells. In our case, we recommend adding Animated Dead to your list, where you basically summon a unit from a corpse.

Gale Level 7 (Cleric level 6)

Gale Level 7 (Cleric level 6) - BG3 Best Gale Build

At Cleric Level 6, you gain access to Channel Divinity Charges and also the Thunderbolt Strike, which is highly handy for a cleric, essentially pushing and repositioning enemies.

Gale Level 8 (Cleric level 7)

Cleric Level 7 unlocks the level 4 Domain Spells.

Gale Level 8 (Cleric level 7) - BG3 Best Gale Build

Prepared Spells

  • Guiding Bolt
  • Shield of Faith
  • Inflict Wounds
  • Cure Wounds
  • Protection From Poison
  • Prayer of Healing
  • Remove Curse
  • Glyph of Warding
  • Spirit Guardians

Gale Level 9 (Cleric level 8)

At Cleric Level 8, you will get a second feat and you’ll need to do a respec in your ability score in order to maximize the use of your second chosen feat.

Recommended Feat

  • Resilient Constitution

Gale Level 10 (Cleric level 9)

At level 9 Cleric, you get access to level 5 domain spells. We suggest prioritizing the ones that don’t call for saves. However, in most cases, you can simply use your own discretion when deciding which spells to use.

Gale Level 11 (Cleric level 10)

At level 10 Cleric, you get access to 1 additional Cantrip and unlock the Divine Intervention class feature.

Gale Level 11 (Cleric level 10) Cantrip - BG3 Best Gale Build

Recommended Cantrip

  • Blade Ward

Gale Level 12 (Cleric level 11)

There are various level 6 cleric spells that don’t require saves and are valuable for any character, but “Create Undead” and “Planar Ally” are especially potent for wizards since they put a unit in front of you, which is a strategic benefit.


Having access to the whole spell list of two whole classes on a single character makes this Gale build potentially the best one in BG3 at the moment. Because of this, Gale becomes an indispensable component of your party, especially for Shadowheart and your character. When used correctly, Gale can provide you unrivaled solo potential by equipping you with powerful defense and offense for two classes.

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