Baldur’s Gate 3 Cat Gets Shaved After Player Backlash

His Majesty has been restored!

Larian Studios has recently made changes with the latest hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3 due to a certain player backlash.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Cat His Majesty’s Origins

One of the many NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a cat named His Majesty. He can be found in the game’s Last Light Inn. When the game launched, the cat was a Sphynx cat, which is a breed known for its complete lack of fur.

This was actually a bug because His Majesty accidentally had the same character model as another Sphynx cat called Steelclaw. His Majesty was a different type of breed.

Later on, Larian fixed the error in the third patch for the game with patch notes saying “Updated the visuals of His Majesty, who previously looked like Steelclaw, His Majesty’s appearance now befits his name and nature.”

While the bug was fixed, this actually angered the community because they had now been accustomed to His Majesty’s “buggy” appearance. They wanted the hairless cat back again, and well, Larian answered that swiftly.

In today’s new patch, His Majesty is now back hairless and everyone is happy again. Larian Studios surrendered to fan pressure.

“Hotfix #8 is now live for Baldur’s Gate 3,” Larian posted. “This update addresses several crashes and issues, including your party members transferring every important item to you upon dismissal. More importantly, we shaved His Majesty.”

Fans replied with really happy comments on the post. “Thank you for re-balding the cat,” follower Emma Kent replied. “His Majesty is restored,” Luke Rogers commented. “Most important patch in gaming history.”

Cat happy, community happy, Larian is also happy. His Majesty returns bald!

Hotfix 8 Patch Notes

Check out the full patch notes below:


  • Companions will no longer transfer story items in their inventory to the player upon dismissal, restoring Patch 2 behaviour.
  • Fixed reaction popups sometimes showing no text descriptions of the reactions available.
  • Fixed a multiplayer crash that would occur when listening to a dialogue after an active roll.
  • Eavesdrop will no longer trigger when a character is in any Character Creation session, such as level up or the magic mirror.
  • Fixed a bug in Vulkan causing DEVICE_LOST crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where Skeletons created using Animate Dead were missing their ranged weapons, despite specialising in them.
  • Fixed an issue where the Weapon Master Feat would show as incomplete if a player was already proficient with all weapons.
  • Fixed a crash when re-assigning characters in splitscreen.
  • Fixed a visual issue with volumetric fog and materials generation.
  • Fixed an issue with invalid savegames being created.
  • Restored Raphael’s hair colour and horns. The House of Hope is once again fashion-forward.
  • Fixed an issue where Splint Armour for Githyanki Females caused some unnecessarily psychedelic visual effects.
  • Shaved His Majesty, who is once again a Sphynx. Steelclaw’s eye colour has been adjusted so they are no longer identical twins.
  • Fixed Raphael’s portraits after restoring his hair colour. Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s Avernus.
  • Fixed Twitch drops not being claimable on PS5.