Baldur’s Gate 3 Coming to Xbox This Year After Larian Found a “Solution”

It's coming to Xbox later this year! Hooray!

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Larian’s Swen Vincke recently announced that Baldur’s Gate 3 will be coming to Xbox this year after the studio found a “solution” for their problem with the Series S.

After sitting down with Phil Spencer at Gamescom, Larian has finally come to a “solution” to make it possible to launch Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox later this year. Since it has become a hit on PC recently and it quickly got a release date for PS5, Microsoft needed to move quickly to make it possible to play on its newest console hardware.

To make it possible, Microsoft had to make a compromise. Larian had to drop the split-screen coop feature on Xbox Series S, which meant this feature will only be available on Xbox Series X.

“Super happy to confirm that after meeting [Phil Spencer] yesterday, we’ve found a solution that allows us to bring Baldur’s Gate 3 to Xbox players this year still, something we’ve been working towards for quite some time,” Vincke said on Twitter.

“All improvements will be there, with split-screen coop on Series X. Series S will not feature split-screen co-op, but will also include cross-save progression between Steam and Xbox Series.”

There is still no release date for Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox, but at least we know it will be coming later this year.