Baldur’s Gate 3 First Major Patch Promises Over 1000 Fixes and Tweaks

Might even include the most-requested feature.

Larian Studios has revealed that the upcoming Baldur’s Gate 3 first major patch will have over 1000 fixes and tweaks.

Baldur’s Gate 3 First Major Patch

Company CEO Swen Vincke recently posted on his Twitter account the outline of the developer’s roadmap. It reveals Larian Studios upcoming updates for the game, which include one hotfix and two patches. One of them is a major upgrade for the popular title.

“We’re all very enthused by your feedback,” said Vincke. “It’s very rewarding. Our focus now is fixing any issues you report, but we are listing to suggestions.”

Over 1000 Fixes and Tweaks

The current number of hotfixes that Larian has released recently are three so far and it has addressed over 100 crashes, blockers, and bugs. Hotfix 4 is planned for release featured in the roadmap, but after that is Patch 1, a major upgrade for the game. It promises “+1000 fixes and tweaks” for the game, which is a lot.

This could include one of the most requested features by the fans: the ability to change character appearance mid-game. Vincke did not elaborate on what the big patch will include, but it could be added there since it is quite a big patch.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available on PC and coming to consoles at a later time.