How to find Nocturne in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you are looking for Nocturne in Act 3 for Shadowheart's companion quest in the Lower City, this BG3 guide will walk you through it.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players will come across a diverse range of NPCs. One standout character is Nocturne, the quartermaster for the Sharran cloister and an old friend of Shadowheart.

This guide dives into her backstory, location, and interactions, offering players insight into this BG3 character.

How to Find Nocturne in BG3

Map of Lower City

In Act 3, Nocturne can be found in the Cloister of Sombre Embrace in the Lower City’s House of Grief. To reach this point, you must progress Shadowheart’s Daughter of Darkness companion quest.

When you enter the House of Grief, you’ll be greeted by Mirie, with her noticing Shadowheart in your party. After interacting with Mirie, you then enter a room where the Inquirer of Grief will talk to you, but Shadowheart will insist that she needs to be one to speak with the Inquirer of Grief. The mysterious Inquirer of Grief will then reveal herself to Shadowheart as someone familiar — the Mother Superior, Viconia DeVir.

After the dialogue with Viconia, a secret passage behind the table in front of you will open, thus giving you access to the Cloister of Sombre Embrace. Viconia will again meet you and Shadowheart upon entry, and you will be given the dialogue option to betray Shadowheart or fight against Viconia and her allies.

To properly get the dialogue with Nocturne, you must choose to fight against Viconia to keep Shadowheart in your party. After defeating Viconia, you can head directly to Nocturne, located in the northern area of the map. Interact with her, and you will get the dialogue options.

Nocturne Dialogue Options

Nocturne Dialgoue Choices

When you talk to Nocturne, she’ll quickly see Shadowheart. If Shadowheart chose to leave Shar behind, Nocturne might not know her and will assume that Shadowheart may no longer be walking in Dark Lady’s shadow. You will then have two dialogue options:

  1. Then you two are enemies – not friends.
  2. Say nothing.

If you choose “Say nothing”, Shadowheart will declare Nocturne as an enemy.

If you choose “Then you two are enemies – not friends” dialogue, you will get the option to trade with Nocturne. There will also be other dialogue options afterward, however, the choices will vary depending on your actions throughout the Daughter of Darkness companion quest:

  1. Let me see your wares.
  2. [ENEMY OF SHAR] Are you just going to remain here? There’s no need – Viconia is gone. (this dialogue option will only appear if you killed Viconia.)
  3. There’s much I still can’t remember… Can you share anything with me? From when we were young?
  4. Leave.

If you choose to ask Nocturne if she’s going to stay, she will respond to you with: “Remains to be seen. This place is all I’ve ever known. In time, perhaps I’ll venture out there, see what I’ve been missing. But for now… old habits die hard.”

That’s the end of your interaction with Nocturne in BG3.

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