Bandai Namco FY 2023 Schedule Gets Leaked After Alleged Ransomware Attack

The publishing giant has not made a statement yet.

A new rumor spotted online claims that the Bandai Namco FY 2023 schedule just got leaked after it got attacked by ransomware hackers.

It seems a group of ransomware hackers just got the better of Bandai Namco recently and allegedly has claimed responsibility for the attack on the gaming company. According to the group known as vx-underground, which monitors malware source code online, the ransomware group is called ALPHV or famously known as BlackCat. They have now added Bandai Namco to its list of victims. The group claims that they have ramped up its attack on the company and if their demand of millions of dollars is not met, they will release employee data.

Bandai Namco has not made any statement to deny or confirm this allegation, but if they are going to follow Nvidia’s example, they might do so later on.

Meanwhile, someone has just revealed the supposed to be list of upcoming games that Bandai Namco will launch on FY 2023. Check out the list below:


Armored Core

Dragon Ball: The Breakers


Little Nightmares 3

Dragon Ball FighterZ Super

Digimonstory Cybersleuth 2


Elden Ring: Barbarians of the Badlands

Tales of Ascension

Tekken 8


Code Vein 2

One Punch Man: Fighter Association

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

While this list looks interesting, take this with a grain of salt for now. Some of the titles are legit, but a lot of them look suspicious.

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