Tekken 8 Leo’s Stunning Combat Revealed In New Fighters’ Spotlights

The Seeker of Truth Returns

Tekken 8 Leo Gameplay Trailer Featured Image

Tekken 8 has fulfilled its promise to upload once-week character trailers before its release. For this week, a new character trailer featuring Leo was uploaded and it showed how prepared and adventurous this stunning fighter is as she makes her comeback to the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Tekken 8 Leo Gameplay Trailer

Leo Kliessen is a Bajiquan user whose father is a renowned archaeologist and her mother is the lead expert in genetic research. Recently, Leo obtains new info that her mother has been researching the devil gene and that Kazuya Mishima ordered hits against her mother and other key researchers. Furious upon her discovery, she searches for more answers as to how to defeat Kazuya who is desperately trying to control the devil gene and learn the fate of her long-lost father.

Tekken 8 will come out on January 26, 2024, for the PlayStation 5, PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X, and Series S. Also, don’t forget to subscribe and follow their official social media channels as weekly trailers will be uploaded.

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